A Gluten-Free Review of Tiffins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom 

A Gluten-Free Review of Tiffins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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We were incredibly curious about this delectable restaurant, but a little nervous at what our gluten-free options would be.  Tiffins is captivating, delicious and accommodating.  Follow along to learn more about your options in our gluten-free review of Tiffins at  Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Typically Twitterpated's Gluten-Free Review of Tiffins Signature Dining at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom

Tiffins Facade

Tiffin is an Indian English word for a meal enjoyed midday, but Tiffins façade welcomes you in to enjoy a delicious meal any time of day.  Tiffins signature dining is a jewel among the culinary offerings at Disney’s Animal Kingdom,

First, the rustic, sculpted front doors welcome you to dive into the eclectic maze of a restaurant.  The gorgeous carvings on the door frame and panels prominently displace a variety of animals and trees.  You could gaze at the gorgeous entryway for hours and discover more creatures.

Animal Kingdom, Tiffins, Rustic Carved Doors, Walt Disney World


The intricacies continue beyond the entryway.  Most of us fell in love with Walt Disney World because of the fine detail throughout the parks.   For example, I fell in love with restrooms labeled Princes and Princesses in the Magic Kingdom.

At Tiffins, the pavement has a number of animal paw prints out front.  Which ones do you see?  The animal tracks mingle, seemingly representing the juxtaposition between a celebration and nature.  As a result, Tiffins celebrates nature!

Tiffins, Pawprints, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World

This new signature restaurant celebrates international travel specific to Africa, Asia, and South America.  This restaurant is an excellent showcase of what influenced the design of the Animal Kingdom.  This restaurant divides into dining rooms that resemble art galleries.

There is the Safari Gallery, the Trek Gallery, and the Grand Gallery.  These galleries that house interesting items with stories, sketches, and photographs from the journals of the Disney Imagineers.  We sat in the fabulous Trek Gallery and had an up-close view of the Tibetan prayer flags hanging over a corner booth.

Tiffins Gluten-Free Menu

A Gluten-Free Review of Tiffins at Disney's Animal Kingdom, gluten-free menu, leather

The leather-bound book was the perfect decorative touch to present the menu.  They also placed the gluten-free menu in a book, as opposed to it being printed on a single piece of paper like they do at many other restaurants.  Tiffins has an extensive wine and beer list by the glass or by the bottle.

Tiffins Cocktail Menu

As we ordered, the hallmark Disney touches continued.  At Tiffins, the food is flavorful and unique.  Its presentation is as gorgeous as the artwork in the galleries.  Our gluten-free review of Tiffins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom would not be complete without discussing the carefully crafted cocktails.

There is an extensive list of craft cocktails at Tiffins.  We sampled two, the Mustang Coffee (left) and the Boto-Rita (right).  The Mustang Coffee is hot coffee with brown sugar, butter, and Crown Royal. The Boto-Rita contains Zignum Reposado Mezcal, Combier Grapefruit Liqueur, Guava Purée, and Lime Juice.

Tiffin’s Meals

We ordered the Selection of Artisanal Cheeses ($14) which came as a cheese board featuring four types of cheese.  The accouterments included Cardamom Marcona almonds, Manjar Blanco, and Cape Gooseberry.  Instead of bread, the cheese board featured a cracker known as Papadum.  (We love to make papadum, also known as papad, pappadum, and poppadum at home!)

Papadum is a thin, crisp cracker made with gluten-free flour.  It tasted fabulous with the delicious cheese ranging from soft and sweet to hard and pungent.  The wait staff informed us that this is the substitute for the bread service, as well.

We ordered the gluten-free black-eyed pea fritters ($11) with zhough, yogurt, and peppadew purée.  The zhough is a chili paste with the consistency of a pesto sauce.  The peppadew purée is a sweet pepper sauce.  The intense flavors of the pepper sauces with the cooling yogurt is a delightful combination.  The outside of the fritters was crisp, however, the inside seemed a bit dry and chewy.  The sauce complemented the fritters to the extent that the texture was just a minor complaint.

Tiffins Black-eyed pea fritters, Disney, Animal Kingdom

After tackling the two appetizers, we were stuffed!  However, we could not walk away without at least sampling an entrée.  We split the Pomegranate-lacquered Chicken ($36) with sweet potato pap, Thumbelina carrots, citrus-fennel salad.  We were pleasantly surprised that the kitchen plated each part separately.  The sweet potato pap provided a rich and savory base that married nicely with the sweet undertones of the pomegranate chicken.

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, the wait staff anticipated our needs and the service was impeccable.  Our water glasses were constantly refreshed because the staff was incredibly attentive.  They were very knowledgeable about gluten-free options, therefore creating interesting meals such as the cheese plate with the Papadum.

If you are looking for a beautiful and elegant meal in the Animal Kingdom, Tiffins is an excellent choice.  Arrive early to enjoy a drink in the Nomad Lounge before dinner.  As night falls, you can take a short walk to the illuminated world of Pandora: World of Avatar.

It’s pricey but worth the splurge because every dish combined flavors, ingredients, and garnish for stunning creations.  Disney does a nice job of incorporating the atmosphere at the Animal Kingdom with the decor because travel influences the cuisine with flavor influences from around the globe.

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