A Look at Pandora World of Avatar

A Look at Pandora World of Avatar

We were lucky enough to have a look at Pandora World of Avatar only four days after opening.  If you have noticed our blog posts recently, we’re excited about it and can’t wait to return!  Since this has spread out across our social media channels, I am placing all of a look at Pandora World of Avatar within one place, so click on any of the links to read more about the experience.

Pandora is breathtaking. Disney did a wonderful job.  The landscaping is immersive and gorgeous. If you watch the video below, you can see a first person POV walking through the land. There is also a view of the park at night with bioluminescence.

The music doesn’t entirely fit, but it’s very catchy. Our family adores cheesy sounding music.

Drum Circle

There is a drum circle inspired by the Na’vi.  We captured it on film and it’s uplifting and well-done. If your children can tolerate loud noises and crowds, bring them here to dance.

The Na’Vi River Journey Ride is absolutely breathtaking.  We did a review on it, particularly considerations for those with autism.  Overall, this is soothing and family-friendly. We really enjoyed our journey through the river.

Check out the review of the Avatar thrill ride. The Flight of Passage ride at Disney’s Pandora, World of Avatar is phenomenal. I recommend everyone experience this ride. The review is by a guest blogger (my brother-in-law) and gives details about what to expect.  There are definite considerations for those with autism.

Looking to drink?  Finally, enjoy the delectable goodies and cocktails available to buy in Avatar with our review of Pongu Pongu.

What are your favorite parts of Pandora? Do you think it lives up to all the hype? Will Walt Disney World be able to keep up the impeccable landscaping?

Comment below and share your thoughts.

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