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If you love travel, Walt Disney World, laughter, and family, then you’ll feel right at home at Typically Twitterpated.

Our blog focuses on all things travel, with a huge emphasis on loving someone with Autism, and a splash of Disney.  Join our family as we navigate travel destinations, as parents of an amazing autistic boy on a gluten-free diet.

There’s a popular saying in the Autism community, “If you know one person with autism, then you know one person with autism”. Simply, this means that no two people with ASD are alike. The full disclaimer is what works for our child may not work for yours.

Curious about our journey?  Here’s our story.

We don’t claim to experience life as someone with Autism.  As our son grows, we will share his perspective, if he desires.  We can only share how we’ve best navigated the world WITH him.  We would love guest posts or input from autistic children and adult about their personal experience.

Our family has been Disney fans for life, Disney Vacation Club members for a decade, and parents for six years.  We have three beautiful children who keep us on our feet.

We’ve been on many adventures, but plan to experience much more.  We welcome you to tag along and learn about typically twitterpated.  See how twitterpated we are with our lives, children, and the most magical place on earth.

XOXO Caitlin Goodwin



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