Walkway to Disney Springs for Families of Kids with Autism

Walkway to Disney Springs for Families of Kids with Autism

Back when this post was created, it was part of our live, four-part Walt Disney World trip report.
Disney Vacation Club, Saratoga Springs Resort, Day One
Day 2 of our laid back Disney vacation
Last Day of Disney, Day Four

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Day Three

We had a slightly different experience today at Disney Springs for families of kids with Autism.  We started out the day feeling ambitious.  I was determined to see anything new at Disney Springs.  We took the pathway from Saratoga Springs to the shopping area.

Saratoga Springs, DVC, SSR, disney springs pathwayThe resort is an attractive place, with lush landscaping and hidden Mickeys galore.

DVC, SSR, Saratoga Springs, pathway, disney springs

We stopped to see the gorgeous  red Mickey Mouse head made from flowers in the lawn by the lake on our way to Disney Springs.
Landscaping, Disney, DVC, SSR, Saratoga Springs, Mickey head, red flowers, pathway

SSR, DVC, disney springs pathway, Saratoga Springs

We followed the pathway and made it to Disney Springs entrance.

Our son was overwhelmed by the heat and begged to leave. The best part about our life is realizing that flexibility is key.  I did not see what I wanted to, but I can have a realxing and enjoyable afernoon with the kids.

An Afternoon Change of Plans

We spent the afternoon at the Paddock pool play area (for the third day in a row). What can I say? Autism loves routine, and when we find something good, we stick to it!

Our kids excitement was overflowing because it was Thursday,  the day they got to see their “baby cousin”.  My sister’s family were coming to Walt Disney World.  They would be staying at Coronado Springs and have Annual Passes so we would be seeing them in between parks.

It’s relaxing to spend time with friends and family who appreciate your child with autism for who they are. I love advocating and educating related to autism, but sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and relax.  We took them over to our new favorite place, the children’s area at the Paddock Pool.  We had plans to catch up with them after they got back from the parks the next day.

Sometimes it’s best to know when to pick your battles, and today was one of those days.  Tomorrow, we would again attempt to bring you Disney Springs for families of kids with Autism.

We went to bed with visions of Disney Springs for families of kids with autism, attempt two dancing in our head!


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