Great Wolf Lodge Gluten-free Review: Sandusky, Ohio

Great Wolf Lodge Gluten-Free Review: Sandusky, Ohio

great wolf lodge gluten-free dining review

Going to Great Wolf Lodge Gluten-free? Before visiting Great Wolf Lodge Sandusky, Ohio, I had trouble finding anything about gluten-free dining options.  Upon arrival, I wandered past the sit down restaurant named Gitchigoomie Grill.  I was surprised to see gluten-free options on the menu.

The staff said they train in assisting guests with food allergies and take them seriously.  They asked us upon visiting the host stand if we had an allergies for them to note.

First, here’s a cocktail menu for Great Wolf Lodge. It may not exclusively deal with gluten-free, but I can’t be the only parent who is  eager to try these craft cocktails at Gitchigoomie Grill.

cocktail menu Great wolf lodge

I was pretty excited about the gluten-free meals, like the fish of the day, the Roasted Wild Mushroom Risotto, Lodge Smoked Ribs, or dinner salads.

Great wolf lodge gluten-free menugreat wolf lodge gluten free menu The gluten-free side dish options were out of this world! There were several potato sides, seasonal veggies, cole slaw, or even a Mason jar salad.

If you are looking for a review on Great Wolf Lodge Sandusky, I posted about this earlier this week.

Our experience

We started off with cocktails.  Any guesses?

Great wolf lodge gluten-free cocktail, strawberry daquiri, strawberry margarita, cinnamon colada
He had a strawberry daiquiri and I had the Cinnamon Colada.  The fireball whiskey, rum, and rumchata were a sweet and spicy combination!

My husband ordered the Howlin’ Wolf wings, which was enormous!  It was essential six of the jumbo wings, or twelve of your typical chicken wings serving. They appear to be gluten-containing and have a barbecue flavoring.

great wolf lodge jumbo wings, chicken wings
However, after a day at the water park, I was hungry and craving a burger.  I had a bunless create-your-own-burger, topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapeños and bacon with a Mason jar salad with blue cheese.

great wolf lodge gluten free bunless burger, no bun, mason jar salad, low carb, gluten-free
Surprisingly, they helped with dietary restrictions far beyond my expectations.   Also, we really enjoyed our meal.  The food was excellent and came out quickly.  The only area that I was not impressed with was service.  Our waitress seemed annoyed with working and didn’t engage with anyone around her.  However, bad days happen and we would definitely come back!

If you are not feeling up to the cost of the meal or having to put on pants while you eat, there are other options. Try ordering a box ahead from Amazon Prime for gluten-free snacks or head across the street to Meijer for a selection of wheat-free goodies.

Have you had a meal at Great Wolf Lodge? What did you think?


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