Great Wolf Lodge Review: Sandusky, Ohio

Great Wolf Lodge Review Sandusky, Ohio

Great Wolf Lodge Review Sandusky Ohio with a baby
This is a Great Wolf Lodge Review Sandusky, Ohio near Lake Erie by Cedar Point. Great Wolf Lodge is an amazing family resort that packs every square foot with fun. We were treated with kindness from check-in through check-out. As Disney aficionados, we are spoiled by excellent customer service and magical vacation experiences. However, Great Wolf Lodge did not disappoint.

baby wolf ears great wolf lodge sandusky ohio review

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Great Wolf Lodge Check-in

This visit was just my husband, myself, and our 10-month-old baby. Check-in time was 4 o’clock, but you could check-in as early as 1 o’clock and access the water park. We checked in to Great Wolf Lodge Sandusky at 2 o’clock on a Thursday afternoon. The drive towards the lake is peaceful.The front desk clerk was incredibly friendly, chipper, and wore wolf ears. Furthermore, she offered us wolf ears!  What’s not to love?

mom dad smiling baby cub wolf ears great wolf lodge sandusky ohio

We were lucky and our room was ready.  Also, she asked which level we would prefer since we were checking in early. We chose the fourth floor. She told us that the fourth floor is the furthest away from the ruckus and ideal for little wolf pups who still take naps.  We were each given a band for the water park. She also explained how to charge items to the room.

We are ready to rock and roll and splash with our baby cub!

Our Accommodations

Our suite came with a balcony and two double beds with a fold-out sofa. Always a fan of the great outdoors, the balcony was a welcome addition.  The room was clean, except for under the bed.  There was a misplaced toy from a prior guest.  The bathroom was clean, but the wallpaper appeared to be peeling.  It seems like some renovations may be due.

There was a room divider between the two double beds and fold out sofa. Also, here was a small table and two chairs suitable for dining. The television was in front of the couch.  There was also a mini fridge and sink area that made a perfect mini bar. There was ample storage by the door way for suitcases and coats. Great Wolf Lodge also provided coffee and a coffee make and small snacks.

The Water Park

dad baby smiling great wolf lodge review sandusky swimsuit water parkThis will discuss our experience in the winter, since none of the outdoor attractions were open. I will also discuss the age range, since we were concerned about what we could do with a baby at Great Wolf Lodge .


The following areas were available:

  • Soakin Oak Springs:  A perfect baby and small toddler play land.  There is a tiny slide, water spouts, and a slightly deeper area that is relatively shallow.
  • Fort Mackenzie:  Climb this water themed treehouse. Ride down the Totem Tower water slides.
  • Totem Tower water slides (at Fort Mackenzie, also known as Otter Run): Three story water slides with gentle slope, twists, and a dip into the landing pool.
  • Whooping Hollow: A play pool for children under 52 inches with a variety of smaller water slides.
  • Caribou Creek:  Lazy River with one and two person rafts.
  • Big Foot Pass: This was a kiddie water obstacle course.  There was a cargo net above giant floating lily pads that were surprisingly hard to cross.
  • Chinook Cove: Here you can play water basketball in the pool or hop on various pool floats
  • Alberta Falls: A thrilling, four story raft water slide with whipping turns with a slide track that takes you outside and back inside.  Also, you can choose between one and two person rafts for a family experience
  • Manitoba Tubs:  These are touted as hot tubs for the whole family. However, there was a giant family hot tub, and then a smaller one on an upper level.  The upper level staircase had a sign pointing to the tub that said “Adults Only Past this Point”. It was not enforced and there was small children in all of the tubs.

Best for Baby

The water slides that we were best able to go on with our baby daughter were Soakin Oak Springs (which was the best for a little baby) and Caribou Creek lazy river.  I was able to lay down on a raft on the lazy river and hold her on my tummy.

We also were able to wander through Fort Mackenzie (with the exception of the slide) and Whooping Hollow. The caveat with Fort Mackenzie is that children are pretty boisterous and it gets a little wild inside. We  have two older children and expect that kids want to have a great time and burn energy at a water park. Whopping Hollow  is a bit more calm. While obviously the water slides are too big for a baby, this is optimal for smaller children.

Other Activities

Upon check-in, we were given an activity schedule for the weekend.

Great Wolf Lodge Sandusky Activity Guide
During the day, most kids are in the water park.  However, in the weekend mornings, there is “Yoga Tails”, a yoga event for small children.  The clock tower show occurs twice during the day.  There is a wolf walk on property, a craft project and face painting in the cub club.

The evenings are full of fun for children.  We wereGreat Wolf Lodge Sandusky Review Ohio, Great wolf kids able to meet the Great Wolf Lodge Kids in the lobby.  In the evening, there is game time, a dancing selfie-taking PJ party called a “Jammie Jamboree”, a dedicated story time and even a dance party called Hustle & Howl.  The Great Clock Tower show is offered twice in the evening and was a half hour each time.  It was entertaining to preschool aged children.

Dining at Great Wolf Lodge Review Sandusky

There are several restaurants at the resort.   There is a pool side counter service restaurant called Buckets Incredible Craveables which serves lunch, dinner and cocktails.

The lobby floor features a couple dining options.  The sit-down restaurant is Gitchigoomie Grill and is open all day long.  They feature breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Across from the grill, is Bear Paw Sweet & Eats and Hungry as a Wolf.  Bear Paw Sweet & Eats features desserts and coffee.  Hungry as a Wolf provided full meals.  If you’re looking to pick up dinner and take it back to the room, you can order a salad, sandwich, pizza, or cheesy bread.

In the lobby, there is a limited hour Dunkin Donuts.

I will post a Gitchigoomie Grill Restaurant review later, and discuss gluten-free dining at the Great Wolf Lodge.

mom baby smiling Great Wolf Lodge Review Sandusky


Check-out was at eleven o’clock.  However, you have access to the water park until it closes.  Because the water park closes at  nine o’clock in the evening, it’s not a bad deal.  They offered a special on Friday morning where if you checked out by 9:30 AM, you could get a free pizza and a family sized locker.

We left after Dunkin Donuts and a final slide.

We can’t wait to our next trip to Great Wolf Lodge and will definitely bring the entire family next time.  This is a perfect long weekend or spring break destination.

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