Make Vacation Money Working At Home

How to Make Extra Vacation Income

We spend plenty of time traveling as a family, so I am perpetually on the hunt for new websites to fund our travels.  Over the years, I’ve found genuine ways to make extra money online.  This article is about how to make extra vacation income by working at home. It may seem overwhelming to find a legitimate online job, but I have done the legwork to find reputable sources.

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  •  There are customer service, nursing, case management, educational jobs, and more careers from home.  Want to join the work-at-home movement?  Under location, enter the phrase “Remote”.  This will give you work-from-home opportunities.  You can narrow the process by inserting keywords.    As technology expands, the number of job options will multiply too.
  • If you are interested in becoming an online educator, college instructor or teaching assistant, an opportunity to work in online education is available.  The pay is typically done per student, and your course load varies immensely per term, but you have input in your workload.  Check the website to see the subject areas that are currently hiring.
  • This website features a number of freelance job postings broken down by professional categories.
  •   This is a service that provides legitimate work from home jobs, home businesses, freelance projects, and telecommuting companies.
  • A site that hires freelancers for a huge variety of jobs, searchable by interest.  I have found amazing jobs and absolute scams here.  Be smart.
  • A program by Amazon where one completes HITs (Human Intelligence Task).  These vary from data entry to survey or voice recording tasks.  If submitted and performed correctly, one will receive a small amount of money.
  • Publish an e-book: Feeling creative and want to be an entrepreneur?  Publish your own e-book, and rack in 70% of the earnings, depending on pricing and company.
  •  Freelancers can come here to become part of an outsourcing marketplace. connects companies and individuals who want to hire programmers, web developers, designers, writers, data entry specialists.
  • Writers (Hubbers) post informational articles (Hubs).  Any writer who contributes to Hubs has the opportunity earn income, so long as they hold a valid Adsense account. If you don’t have an existing Adsense account, you must have 10 to 15 quality Hubs to be approved for one.  Earnings accumulate and are paid out when the account reaches $50.  Hubbers retain intellectual property rights to their content and can delete Hubs whenever.
Make Vacation Money from working at home
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Avoiding a Scam “Work at Home” scheme

While we’ve all received the email scam offering us an absurd amount of money to work from home.  Here is a list of some other scams targeting those who wish to work from home:

  • Any job that asks you to pay them ANYTHING up front
  • Envelope Stuffing
  • Medical Billing and Coding or Medical claims (unless you are properly trained and have a standing relationship with a reputable company).
  • Any hourly rate that is higher than similar work. You can check salaries at
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With thr number of scams out there, it’s important to find a good resource.  The following websites can tell you more about the specific company that you are applying with:

  • Better Business Bureau (

Questions to Ask your Potential Employer

It’s complicated to work for a remote company and hope they are legitimate.  Here is a list of questions to make you feel secure:

  • What is my job description?
  • What duties will I be performing?
  • Will I be salaried, hourly, or commission based?
  • When and from who will I get my first paycheck?
  • Thereafter, how often can I expect payment?

Finally, most telecommuters begin by working for a company that provides small jobs with an eventual larger payout. Make sure you have read all policies and understand the terms of service and pay scale.  This will help you maximize future income.

Make Vacation Money Working at Home

  • Be realistic about your workload.
  • Set up a desk with all office supplies, and work as if you were in an office. Working from home just means you need extra focus!
  • If you have children, you need a distraction-free zone.

Tell me in the comments below if you have other tips and tricks.  I’d love to expand our list to help you make vacation money working at home.




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