Our Last Day at Walt Disney World

Our last day at Walt Disney World

This was initially part of a live, four-day trip report.
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Disney Springs, Take Two

We spent the day over at Disney Springs, and had a much better experience than on our second day at Saratoga Springs!  We discussed what to expect with my son and provided a pictorial schedule.  Essentially it went like this: first lunch, then shopping, next treat, then pool.

Disney Springs, autism, winnie the pooh, baby, boys, daddy

While at Mickey’s Pantry, I noticed they had quite the selection of gluten-free Snacks with Character.  This was hugely exciting for our family and we bought one of every flavor.Snacks with character, Disney, gluten-free, Walt Disney world

We went to “Fun Finds” where we picked up some Roadster Racers.  Look how excited the kids are to play with their cars!
We were able to get some delicious treats at Goofy Candy Co for later.  They were not gluten-free because of contamination, but they were as close as we could get.  These were marshmallows, rolled in chocolate, and dipped in M&Ms.

goofy candy company chocolate covered marshmallows

While definitely not gluten-free, I was over the moon to see a Beauty and the Beast themed cupcake at Goofy Candy Co.  It made us so excited to watch the movie.

Back at Saratoga Springs Resort, we ate a delicious gluten-free dinner.  Below are a flatbread and Greek salad with chicken.

Saratoga Springs has an extensive menu.

My sister called and said she was ready for us to come meet her at her hotel, Coronado Springs.  I am going to have a guest post from her about Coronado and the Animal Kingdom.  In the meantime, here are some pictures from that evening:

Then comes one last bedtime story with Duffy, one last Disney family snuggle, and then sweet Mickey Mouse dreams.  After tucking in, we are always eagerly planning our return to the World!


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