Top Ten Quiet Places at Magic Kingdom

The Top 10 Quiet Places at Magic Kingdom

Our son absolutely adores Walt Disney World.  However, any child occasionally gets overwhelmed and tired in the hot, busy parks.  With Autism, it’s important to take a break away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and heat.  Consequently, one parent will wait with the children and the other will run with bands in hand to score a new reservation time.

Here is a list of our favorite quiet places at Magic Kingdom to have a drink, recharge with the iPad, and wait for our Disability Access Service or Fastpass+ time.

10. Leaving Magic Kingdom via monorail:

Head towards the Contemporary via monorail. There’s an outdoor area if you follow the signs towards Bay Lake tower building. This area is quiet and a good place to relax.
bay lake tower quiet place magic kingdom

9. Liberty Belle:

While this is listed as one of the best rides for those with autism, it’s great for a quiet place to escape the crowds.

8. Tomorrowland:

The pathway behind the Tomorrowland Speedway is a quiet oasis. This connects Tomorrowland to Storybook Circus.  The only potential issue is that there is a smoking area off to the side.

7. Tom Sawyer’s Island:

Taking the boat over to the island may be anxiety inducing, but it’s a lovely place filled with play areas and caves. You can relax on a gorgeous rocking chair and while away the day.

6. Fantasyland:

If you head back to the back right corner of the park, you can find a quiet area for your family.  This is in the Storybook Circus.  It’s the pathway behind The Barnstormer rollercoaster ride.

5. Main Street, U.S.A.: First Aid Building

There is a break away from the crowd near the entrance to the park if you know where to look.  Walk down Main Street U.S.A and head to the right off to the side by First Aid.  While this area is not completely abandoned, it is a little oasis in comparison to the rest of the street.  We are known to have mini dance parties and sip a cold drink away from the ruckus.

Magic Kingdom boy

4. Adventureland: Corridor to the left of Pirates of the Caribbean

This is a great place to relax after riding Pirates and before we head to our next excursion. While my child loves pirates, we do have to avoid this area when they are doing the Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial.

3. Liberty Square: Behind Ye Olde Christmas Shop

The only caveat here is that this is rather crowded during parade times.  We try to avoid the hour before the parade because it can get a little crowded.  Otherwise, we enjoy relaxing here.  The bonus to this location is that it’s near the Liberty Tree Tavern, which makes a mean gluten-free stuffing.

2. Fantasyland: Pathway leading from Cinderella’s Castle to Fairytale Garden

The gardens in front of the castle are a really lovely place to take a load off.  They can get crowded in mid-afternoon.

1. Tomorrowland: Near Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

This area is excellent from getting away from the masses. Also, the ride itself is a pretty quiet place in Magic Kingdom. The ride has an annoyingly repetitive song, but is peaceful and the air conditioning is cool.

Actually, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority is nearby if we’re talking about rides with short lines that double as break areas. It rarely has a long wait, and is an open air car that you ride that continuously circles above Tomorrowland.  We can squeeze into one car, or split our party among two cars if we need a bit more space.  This entire area makes for a really nice break if we want to take it easy.

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What are your favorite quiet places at Magic Kingdom?

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