Shop Disney Parks App to Help Minimize Meltdowns with Autism

Have you heard about the Shop Disney Parks app?

This is our It’s a free smart phone app that allows you to track down and purchase most Disney Resort merchandise in the palm of your hand. It allows you to search both Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort for thousands of Disney merchandise items.  It’s difficult to view the lucrative Shop Disney Parks app as anything but a technologically savvy way to separate you from even more money.  Furthermore, I was glad to see that you can attach your Annual Pass and Disney Vacation club member discount to the app to save some money.

How to use the Shops Disney Parks app to your advantage:

1. Find that elusive Walt Disney World memento.  Did you see a special Mickey hat on day one of your trip?  After coaxing your child that they get to choose “just one” keepsake, they become determined to find a better treasure.  As a result, is it the final day of their trip and that first memento is the only one that will do?

Never fear!  The Shop Disney Parks app will track down the souvenir’s location at Walt Disney World, whether at one store or seven.  Full interactive maps show where to find the beloved item throughout the resort.

shop disney parks screenshot
This is what the map looks like with the check marks showing stores with the item.

2. Find out where else a Disney merchandise item is located

Are you just starting out your day and looking to see if you can find the item closer to your resort room?  Use the interactive map to see if the item you desire is closer to your hotel.  You can scan the item’s bar code and it will pull up a list of all the locations it is available.

Bonus Walt Disney World Resort Tip

Without using the App, the Walt Disney World resort will allow you to:

  • send your item to the front of the park, and
  • send your package to the hotel gift shop if you are a Walt Disney World resort guest.

There are many rules and limitations involved with the above, including how close you are to your check out date and what time of day you are looking to buy.

3.  Ship a bulky, fragile, or awkwardly shaped souvenir home.

Did your child find the absolute perfect gift, but don’t want to carry it home?  Actually, our kids will lose pieces and parts throughout the day, resulting in an absolutely devastating crisis period.  Furthermore, you can use the bar code scanner, buy it online with the app and have it sent directly back home.

4.  Shopping from home

shop disney parks app tank top
Scoop up unbeatable deals from home.

Looking for a reward?  Missing the mouse?  Sit in the comfort of your own home (or workplace) and go shopping for your favorite park merchandise.  Keep an eye out for deals on shipping or special discounts.

Unfortunately, some items are only for in-store purchase, and there is a purchasing limit on certain items.

Get the App on your Smartphone

Finally, the app is available for download on iOs and Android devices.

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