Top 12 Quiet Places in Epcot for Children with Autism

Top 12 Quiet Places in Epcot for Children with Autism

We are professionals at finding quiet areas in each of the theme parks at Walt Disney World resort.  We have located the Top 12 Quiet Places in Epcot for Children with Autism.  If you are a regular reader, you know our son has autism and is a giant Walt Disney World fan. These tips are based on our experience.

Top 12 Quiet Places in Epcot for Children with Autism

However, any child will benefit from these tips.  Every kid occasionally gets overwhelmed and tired in the hot, busy parks. With autism, it’s especially important to take a break away from the sensory overload of crowds and heat. Often, one parent will wait with the children and the other will run with Magic bands to score a new reservation time on the Disability Access Service pass.

magic bands, disney accessibility service autism pass

Epcot is a huge park, full of entertainment and giant pavilions.  If you know where to look, you can score a little quiet space of your own.  We will walk you through the places we have found over the years.

12. International Gateway:

Epcot International gateway quiet place walt disney world showase

Entering the park from the rear is a lifesaver! The area is less crowded and typically has decreased crowds. Even if you are not entering that way, the area between France and United Kingdom is relatively quiet compared to the rest of the “world”. If you’re coming from the UK and heading towards France, head to the right directly before the bridge to see this area!

Future World

11. First Aid:

This is part of the Odyssey Center building next to Test Track. Unsure where Odyssey Center is? It straddles both Future World and World Showcase.  Walk along the building and you will see both the First Aid center and Baby Care center.  The areas within are great for providing services for children in crisis.  The areas nearby are quiet.

10. Future World East: Ellen’s Energy Adventure

This area off towards Ellen’s Energy Adventure is pretty low-key. Crowds appear immediately before a show beginning and when one has just let its passengers off.

Have the hankering to hop on while here?  The ride overall is not very crowded.  However, it features darkness, dinosaur roars, and loud explosions.  The ride is nearly an hour, so be sure you have the time to commit to it!

9. Imagination pavilion:

If you’re heading to that brightly colored pyramid, beer to the right.  There you’ll find a courtyard and restroom area outside Imagination pavilion.  The only drawback?  There’s not much shade.

8. The Living Seas:

If things have escalated, and you or your little person need a moment to decompress, any quiet area will do.  This is not my favorite because you can see crowds nearby and you’re constantly getting passed by people walking through the area.  However, you can head away from the  Living Seas entrance and towards Coral Reef Restaurant.  Here is a space a bit quieter than the rest of that bustling area.

World Showcase

Canada walt disney world waterfall
Walt Disney World’s Epcot World Showcase

7. Mexico:

The main attraction in Mexico is the large pyramid that houses most of the attractions.  If you walk directly outside to the right of the pavilion, there is an area near the backstage gate. As long as Donald Duck is not greeting fans, this is a great quiet place to regroup after switching gears.

Mexico pavillion epcot sombrero walt disney world showcase Top 12 Quiet Places in Epcot for Children with Autism

6. Germany:

Head towards Glaskunst.  That’s the open area shop of glassware in the Germany pavilion of Epcot.  There is a lovely garden area nearby.  The only issue?  Pairing an emotional child with glassware is the perfect storm.

5. Japan:

If you’re looking for tranquility, walk into the Japan pavilion and head to your left.  There is a lovely garden area with Koi pond that is perfect to relax in.  My children have run and screamed here with only minimal disdain from the public.  (Sarcasm.)

4. Morocco:

Morocco has a large amount of places to escape to.  If you head towards the left in Morocco, you will enter a building.  If you continue, you will cross an atrium that is cool and quiet (even in the hot summer months).

 Keep walking to the very back of the Morocco pavilion.  There is a covered space that is very quiet and cool.

3. France:

walt disney world showcase france, Top 12 Quiet Places in Epcot for Children with Autism

There are a couple of options here.  First, Impressions de France is a dim movie theatre that plays relaxing music.  There are comfortable chairs and the music is relatively tolerable for most with sensory issues.  There are some louder periods of swells in the classical music that may be overwhelming.

Secondly, if you head to the right of the path where we are pictured, there is a perfume store.  Continue to the right of the store and you will find a quiet area to relax.

2. United Kingdom:

Find your way to the middle of the pavilion, away from the pub.  There is a garden area at back of pavilion.  Avoid any shows and characters and keep going to the back.  There is a shaded hedge maze and it is very quiet.

1. Italian gardens

Walk away from the pavilion (with your back to it), and head towards the lagoon.  Here is my favorite area in world Showcase.  This area has a gorgeous bridge and a giant lagoon area.  It even resembles the canals of Venice.  What’s not to love?

Top 12 Quiet Places in Epcot for Children with Autism

This collection of the top 12 quiet places in Epcot for children with autism has helped our family immensely.  It’s so important for our children to have a chance to reduce stimuli, decompress, and refresh.  Our whole family enjoys our frequent breaks to promote a better overall mood.  Interested in quiet places to retreat to in the Walt Disney World other parks?

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