Top 5 Quiet Places at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Top Five Quiet Places at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World

You are most likely aware that our son has autism and is a giant Walt Disney World fan. These tips are only our experience, and our family’s favorite quiet places at Animal Kingdom. However, every child occasionally gets overwhelmed and tired in the hot, busy parks. With Autism, it’s especially important to take a break away from the sensory overload of crowds and heat. Consequently, one parent will wait with the children and the other will run with bands in hand to score a new reservation time.giraffe, tree, quiet areas animal kingdom, walt disney world

Disney’s Animal Kingdom provides beautiful trails filled with animals, lush greenery, and entrancing education opportunities. The biggest issue is that it is the smallest and hottest park. This means a lot of our children need a spot to get away from those things.

Here is the list of our favorite quiet places at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World:

5. Discovery Island:

The First Aid is next to Creature Comforts. The baby care center is also available in this area. In the height of the heat of the day, the smell near here is pretty atrocious. In our experience, we avoided the inside and hung out in the outside shaded area next to these buildings.

4. Discovery Island Trails in Africa:

If you walk behind the Tree of Life in the center of Animal Kingdom, you will find a twisting trail. These walking trails include animals such as kangaroos, otters, lemurs, and porcupines. The path begins to the right side of the Discovery Island bridge to Africa. The other option to hop on this path is off to the right of the entrance to The Tree of Life. There are waterfalls, rich landscaping, and quiet places to escape the park.

3. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Asia:

This attraction used to be known as the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail until 2016.  Now appropriately named, you can view gorillas on this path. We love to do tackle this trail following Kilamanjaro Safaris. When you are exiting, it’s on your way back to Harambe. This path has monkeys and other primates. You can rest and relax along this path.

2. Maharajah Jungle Trek, Asia:

This is a wildlife trail in Asia, the Kingdom of Anandapur. It features bats and tigers and there are many places along the path where you can stop and relax.

1. DinoLand U.S.A.:

If you head to the courtyard of Dinosaur, there is a recess in the wall across from Finding Nemo: The Musical. This is quiet and out-of-the-way. It’s the perfect place to have a quick snack and ice-cold drink. If you’re tempted to ride Dinosaur after this, just picture this:

quiet places at animal kingdom

I am actually covering two sets of eyes at one time!

If your family is in need of getting energy out, the Dino Dig site is nearby.  The triceratops spin is a ride like Dumbo, Flying Carpets or Astro Orbiter. We also enjoy making a quick exit towards the front of the park.

What are your favorite quiet spaces in Animal Kingdom?

Looking for other places to retreat in the other parks?

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