The Beautiful Truth About Parenting Your Autistic Child

The Beautiful Truth About Parenting Your Autistic Child

Guest Post by Erica Johnson of Inner Parents

Every parent spends considerable time contemplating their children’s futures. This is especially true if the child has autism.  Although the therapy and medical care are important, a parent’s love allows each child to flourish. There is a beautiful truth about parenting your autistic child with so much you can do while spending time with your child to make every day a beautiful experience.

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Positive Reinforcement

Autistic children respond incredibly well to positive reinforcement. When your child is behaving well, specific communication is important to tell them you like their behavior. This will not only make your child happy, it will make you feel good. Make certain your child knows exactly what they did to earn your praise and find a special way to give them a reward. This can be anything from a small prize to extra time at play. It is critical to love your child for the special person they are.

The Beautiful Truth About Parenting Your Child With Autism


Many autistic children need a set schedule and a routine to flourish. Consistent interactions and guidance will help your child practice what they are taught in therapy. This will make it easier for your child to learn new behaviors and skills and enable to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. Talking to your child’s therapists and teachers will help you develop the right techniques and strengthen the bond with your child.


It is incredibly important to spend time playing with your child. There is a time for therapy and education, but there is also a time to just enjoy one another and have fun together. This may be what it takes to establish a deep and meaningful connection with your child. There is no rush because you and your child will have a lot of time to spend together. Using different approaches and techniques will establish what your child responds to best. Just be positive, do not become discouraged, and let the love flow freely.

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Receiving support can be of significant help including friends, other families, online and professionals. Support groups offer a way to share information, advice, and meet other families facing similar challenges. Individual, family and marital counseling can also provide necessary assistance. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

The Routine

Many parents of autistic children feel it is better to protect their children from specific situations, but these children must become accustomed to the world they live in. Taking your child along to run errands, visit a neighbor, or simply go for a walk is an excellent, and beneficial interaction with your child.

The Future

There are no answers that fit every situation because every child is different. Raising an autistic child can be a beautiful, fulfilling, and loving experience for both the parents and the child. When you have a question or concern, speak to someone with answers. Your child is counting on you to teach them what they need to know to have a wonderful life.

The Milestones

Autistic children need encouragement when they reach special milestones, like learning to dress themselves, effectively coping with a change or tough situation, or even a successful interaction with another child. Always tell your child specifically why you are proud of them. Positive reinforcement will ensure that your child and you both feel wonderful. Everyone needs to know when they have accomplished something to take pride in, and autistic children are no different.


Unfortunately, not all people are capable of seeing an autistic child with love in their eyes. These children and their parents cause adversity and often it has nothing to do with you or your beloved child. They have bad experiences with other parents, teachers, and society in general. Your child must understand that not all people are kind because uncertainty will make your child defensive. Your child will tend to mimic your actions, so make certain to treat unkindness with kindness and ignorance with knowledge.

The Safety Zone

Your child needs a special place where they feel safe, secure and are able to relax. You can mark off this area using colored tape to ensure your child learns about boundaries. Make certain you safety proof this area, and fill it with some of your child’s favorite things. This can include special toys, books, blankets or anything that makes your child happy. Spending time with your child in this area will strengthen the bond you feel for one another. Spend time reading to your child, or telling them stories.

The Communication Skills

Your body language, the tone of your voice when speaking, and the way you touch your child are all-important. These all represent communication skills your child will understand. Some autistic children learn to talk, and others do not. This is why these actions are so important. There is an old adage that what you give will come back to you. This is especially true with an autistic child, so give them all the love in your heart.  The beautiful truth about parenting your autistic child is that having an autistic child changes you in ways that you never dreamed.

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