Walt Disney World Resort Travel with Boys

Walt Disney World Travel with Young Boys

I wrote a guest post about Walt Disney World Travel with Young Boys nearly a year ago.  It was featured on a travel blog called Travel with Boys by a blogger who lives “across the pond”.  I had every intention of sharing it here, but life got away from me.   The post covers Walt Disney World activities like cars, pirates, and dinosaurs across all four Walt Disney World Resort parks and other resorts.

Honestly, I was thinking about it tonight because I still feel conflicted about that particular post.   I struggled writing that listicle because putting together a list of the best activities for boys felt like putting gender expectations on kids.  In retrospect, that blog piece sums up my daughter’s favorite activities every bit as much as her brothers.

I have tried to encourage my children to follow their heart in pursuing their dreams and interests.  For six months, my middle son wore only Minnie Mouse socks.  He also has a Minnie stuffed animal in every available size.  My oldest son loves wearing necklaces.  The more sparkles and baubles on the jewelry, the better.  My baby girl loves growling like a tiger and her favorite toy is her remote control centipede.  In this house, they are not boy or girl toys.  They are just a huge pile of toys that my kids fight over.  (Hey! I said I am gender neutral, not Super Mom!)

My beliefs in attaching gender to toys or activities is best summed up in this graphic.


How to tell if a toy is for boys or girls, Walt Disney World Travel with Young Boys


Without further ado, please check out Typically Twitterpated’s guest post at Travels with Boys: The best of Walt Disney World

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