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We have you covered if you’re in Cleveland, Ohio, and contemplating finding a Japanese steakhouse nearby. Check out our Shinto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar (in Strongsville) review.

Shinto Restaurant

There are several different seating areas at Shinto, including the bar, the dining area, the hibachi tables, the sushi bar, and the outdoor seating area.

Shinto’s Strongsville Hours

  • Friday 3:30 PM to 11 PM
  • Saturday 2 PM to 11 PM
  • Sunday 2 PM to 11 PM
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 3:30 PM to 10 PM

Shinto’s Bar in Strongsville

The Shinto menu is what you would expect from a try-hard local hibachi restaurant- sushi, hibachi, and crafty cocktails. However, I enjoyed MOST everything we ordered. However, there are some exceptions.

Whenever we eat at Shinto restaurant, we visit the bar to indulge in a unique cocktail. You can also order craft cocktails in the restaurant. The bar has a slightly different aesthetic from the rest of the restaurant. There are granite countertops with contemporary decor and fluorescent lights.

The granite bar, contemporary wall coverings, and backlit liquor at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar.

What are the best Shinto Cocktails?

Throughout the evening, we tried several Shinto cocktails. Let’s start with the worst bar drink at Shinto. The Samurai signature cocktail (right) is bland and too sweet with raspberry vodka, strawberry liqueur, pomegranate juice, Sprite, and a splash of cranberry juice.

If you are into spice and dirty martinis, the Wicked Wasabi (left) is perfect. I find this to be excellent to start with, particularly with the sushi course. The wasabi-stuffed olives flavor the martini itself. Be cautious with this cocktail because it is a strong pour of alcohol.

The Wicked Wasabi and Samurai Cocktail in front of the hibachi table at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse
Wicked Wasabi & Shinto cocktails at Shinto (Strongsville)

One of my favorites was the Spice Gurl. However, avoid this if you are heat averse. The further you get into the drink, the more the spice emerges. The jalapeno is muddled with the margarita, creating an exciting and creative cocktail.

Spice gurl jalapeno margarita at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse in Strongsville Ohio

Sometimes I feel pretty basic and want a ridiculously sweet drink. If you’ve ever drank cheap plum wine before, this is simply that. The wine is cheap and saccharin sweet.

A glass of plum wine on a marble countertop of a backlit bar at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse in Strongsville

After all those cocktails, you may wonder about the bathrooms at Shinto. The bathroom features marble walls with ambiance. There is even a tacky little fountain outside, which brings me great joy- because it’s a fountain.

The Sushi Bar at Shinto

If you’re a sushi fan, there is an entire Sushi Bar where you can eat and watch the chefs work their magic. While there, a $10k robot was training how to bring trays to tables from the kitchen (and back).

Shinto Japanese Steakhouse sushi bar seating and chefs

I usually prefer fresh sushi and shy away from fried rolls (unless I’m pregnant- which I am not!) However, the Little delicious sushi roll was a pleasant surprise, but I wouldn’t order it again. I prefer to eat unique sushi rolls with fresh fish (and avoid gluten).

The Little Delicious sushi roll at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse with an edible flower, wasabi, and ginger

Shinto Japanese Steakhouse Hibachi Meals

Each Shinto hibachi meal comes with veggies (zucchini, onion, and broccoli), shrimp flambé (or mushroom appetizer), a salad with ginger dressing, and onion soup. Sitting around the hibachi grills, you get an incredible hibachi dinner show.

Let’s dive into the review of Shinto Japanese Steakhouse in Strongsville.

The hibachi chef at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse as he starts the show

The homemade clear onion soup comes to the table with the salad. This Japanese soup had a flavorful and aromatic taste. Scallions are sprinkled on top of the soup.

Onion soup with scallions in a Shinto Japanese steakhouse black bowl with matching spoon.

The traditional house ginger dressing salad is one of my favorite treats at hibachi restaurants. The salad dressing is fresh and made with carrots, ginger, oil, and vinegar.

Iceberg lettuce salad with ginger salad dressing at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse in Stronsgville

When choosing an appetizer, we chose the Shrimp Flambe, which was excellent. Since we were splitting the meal, we each got two (four total), but the menu describes three shrimp. If you get the mushroom appetizer, sauteed mushrooms are appetizers.

Shrimp appetizer at Shinto Steakhouse in Strongsville

The meal includes mixed veggies, like zucchini, onion, and broccoli. Each hibachi meal also comes with steamed rice. However, you can upgrade to fried rice for an additional surcharge. The fried rice is fun to watch the hibachi chef prepare as they flip around eggs and veggies on the grill.

The hibachi vegetables (sliced zucchini, onion, broccoli) with a bowl of fried rice at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse in Strongsville, Ohio

Off the Shinto hibachi menu, we snagged the Châteaubriand: a nine-ounce center-cut filet mignon with garlic butter. You can see the steak below the chef’s hands in the image.

The grill featuring chicken and a thick filet mignon at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse.

We requested a medium steak, but the preparation was closer to medium well. They cook all the meat on the grill and then chop it up, which may skew the temperature.

Chateaubriand diced steak, zucchini, onion, broccoli, and fried rice at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse

Review of Shinto Japanese Steakhouse in Strongsville

The final thoughts for a review of Shinto Japanese Steakhouse in Strongsville are mixed.

  • The service at Shinto is lacking. Bartenders, servers, and host staff ignore or avoid you.
  • While it’s a chill place for a date or special occasion, they rushed you out the door.
  • Even little kids are at Shinto if you want to take your family for special meals.
  • Shinto will only split hibachi meals if there are others at your table.
  • The food is expensive, but with rising food costs- that’s par for the course.

Can you get reservations at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse in Strongsville?

You can snag reservations at Bookenda for the hibachi grills. For regular seating or the sushi bar, call 440-878-3868. If you’re running late, the restaurant will hold the reservation up to fifteen minutes after your scheduled time. (And they won’t seat your party until everyone is present.)

Are there spaces to host private events at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse in Strongsville?

The outside seating directly outside the bar hosts private parties. Faux greenery covers the ceiling and right wall. There is plenty of seating, but it is seasonal. And for those who love those perfect Instagram shots, there are some cute special photo ops.

The outside seating area with tables, chairs, faux greenery on the ceiling and wall at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse.

Shinto Gluten-Free Menu at Shinto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

The Shinto Strongsville menus are robust, and the gluten-free menu is a definite bonus. The menu can usually make or break the decision if you consider a fancy night out. Shinto is well known for its sushi menu, often featuring discounts on popular sushi rolls. The cocktail menu is one of our favorite drink menus at Cleveland area restaurants.

Gluten-Free Appetizer

Calamari Teriyaki: Our signature dish: Flash-fried calamari rings in a light batter with our gluten-free sweet & tangy teriyaki glaze

Pan-Seared Scallops: Four scallops pan-seared, caramelized with gluten-free teriyaki glaze; served with slices of lemon for a touch of citrus

Yakitori (2 pcs.): Grilled white meat chicken on skewers with gluten-free teriyaki glaze and sesame seeds

Beef Mamanaki (6 pcs.): Grilled strip steak wrapped around fresh asparagus, topped with our gluten-free teriyaki sauce

Beef Negimaki (6 pcs.): Grilled strip steak wrapped around crispy green scallions, topped with gluten-free teriyaki sauce

Edamame: Boiled soybeans with a touch of salt

Gluten-Free Entrees

Lemon Pepper Chicken: Sauteed chicken or strip steak prepared with gluten-free lemon pepper sauce, served with house salad, steamed vegetables, and white rice.

Lemon Pepper Steak: Sauteed chicken or strip steak prepared with gluten-free lemon pepper sauce, served with house salad, steamed vegetables, and white rice

Sweet & Spicy Chicken: Sauteed chicken or strip steak prepared with a sweet & spicy sauce, served with house salad, steamed vegetables, and white rice.

Sweet & Spicy Steak: Sauteed chicken or strip steak prepared with a sweet & spicy sauce, served with house salad, steamed vegetables, and white rice

Veggie Bowl: Sauteed broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, onions, and carrots with flash-fried tofu topped with sesame seeds and served over steamed rice. Choice of gluten-free teriyaki sauce, gluten-free lemon pepper sauce, or gluten-free sweet & spicy sauce. Served with a choice of house salad, miso soup, or homemade onion soup

Gluten-Free Sushi

Veggie Patch (6 pcs.): Seaweed-wrapped cucumber, avocado, kaiware, yellow pickle, and asparagus

Slammin Salmon (6 pcs.): Seaweed-wrapped salmon and asparagus; topped with spicy salmon

Sweet Shinto Roll (8 pcs.): Seaweed-wrapped maguro tuna, white tuna, salmon, and asparagus; topped with avocado and sweet chili sauce

Negihame Roll: Yellowtail, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, and cream cheese wrapped in seaweed; served with a side of gluten-free chili oil

Poke Bowl: Steamed rice, avocado, cucumber, kaiware. Topped with fresh salmon and tuna, sesame seeds, and gluten-free soy sauce

Shinto Bar Menu, Happy Hour, Gluten-free menu
Shinto Appetizer, Sushi, Hibachi dinner, Dinner combinations (combos), side orders, desserts, and kids menu

A Wrap on Shinto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi in Strongsville

Ohio may not be a draw for some- but it is where we call home. If we can’t travel, we love to explore our hometown of Cleveland. When it comes to Strongsville hibachi, Shinto will check most of your boxes. There are some definite drawbacks, but it is a fun restaurant.

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