About Typically Twitterpated

My name is Caitlin Goodwin and I am an Advanced Practice Nurse with 14 years in the medical field.  In fact, I realized my son was autistic while teaching a course on maternal-child health to student nurses.

While educating people about the medical field through the written word is my passion, discussing autism and family travel hits a little closer to home.

We have four beautiful children who keep us on our feet. Our oldest son has autism and is the heart behind the blog.

Despite the fact that our family has grown,  our budget has not! Our blog focuses on budget family travel, Autism, and a splash of Disney.

There’s a favorite saying in the Autism community, “If you know one person with autism, then you know one person with autism.” Essentially- no two people with ASD are alike.

Disclaimer: What works for our child may not work for yours.  Curious about OUR journey with autism?  Here’s our story.

We don’t claim to experience life as someone with Autism.  As our son grows, we will share his perspective, if he desires.  We can only share how we’ve best navigated the world WITH him and what has worked for him.

This blog started as a resource to share our journey with other parents who were afraid to travel with their child on the spectrum.

Traveling has always been my passion.  It took some time to find a rhythm, but we enjoy traveling as a family now.  We have learned through trial and error that it is possible to establish a routine on vacation and how to be flexible through the unknowns of a new destination.

If you love to travel, laugh, and focus on family, then you’ll feel right at home at Typically Twitterpated.

Join our family as we travel as parents of an amazing autistic boy on a gluten-free diet. See how twitterpated we are with our lives, children, travel, and the most magical place on earth.

XOXO Caitlin

Contact us at typicallytwitterpated @ gmail.com

I swear, I really am qualified as a professional writer.

Where we started in 2016.

Two parents, one with a baby carrier, and a stroller with two children for an about us page.Save

Two parents, one with a baby carrier, and a stroller with two children for an about us page.