appleseed orchard at Canada in Epcot

The Appleseed Orchard in Canada at Epcot Food and Wine Festival is a peaceful place to sit back and relax.  If you are a family with special needs, in our case- autism, or your children could use a reprieve from the Epcot crowds, pop in here to take a break.  Amazingly, we found the pace in here to be much slower than the hectic World Showcase. 

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Appleseed Orchard in Canada at Epcot Food and Wine

If you are facing the front of the Canada pavilion, the Appleseed Orchard is to the right of Le Cellier. Since the Canada show is temporarily down, there is a wine and beer bar in the area. 

Surprisingly the former rails were separating the members of the audience from one another during O Canada! serve a new purpose. Disney repurposed the railings that once divided movie crowds as a place for your drinks. For anyone nostalgic about former attractions in Epcot, this is a fun touch to see.

There are twinkle lights and fabric strung up along the ceiling of the Appleseed Orchard space, giving the area a circus vibe. When you walk in, each end of the room features a separate bar. One is dedicated to cider, the other to wine.

Wondering how to do Food & Wine on a budget?

ribbons and strings of light drape from the ceiling like a circus tent at appleseed orchardNote: The O Canada! movie is the movie that has been in that space since the original filming in 1981.  It was updated in 2007 to circlevision and featured Martin Short.  That version closed in August of 2019.

The Cider Bar

The Cider Bar features a non-alcoholic beverage, a cocktail, three beers, three ciders, a cider flight, a beer flight, and caramel apple popcorn. The non-alcoholic drink is called the Frozen Apple Pie and covered with crumbled gluten.

If you wanted to excite your tiny people, there is a person selling maple syrup.  Canda, eh?

Since we are gluten-free, we opted for the hard cider flight instead of beer.  While some of the cider selections were unique, we were disappointed to see Woodchuck as a selection.

Appleseed orchard apple crumble in Canda at Epcot Food and Wine

The Cider Flight

The cider flight was diverse and gluten-free.  We verified the gluten-free nature of each beverage through the Cider Crate. Each glass was only four ounces, so we essentially split one 12-ounce hard cider in the entire flight.

  • Ciderboys lemon cello hard cider
  • Collective Arts Brewing cherry apple hard cider
  • Woodchuck hard cider spiced apple

Appleseed orchard cider flight

The Ciderboys lemon cello was refreshing, tart, and light.  The Woodchuck spiced apple tastes like Christmas in a glass- I highly recommend it. I was not a fan of the cherry apple hard cider by Collective Arts Brewing.  It reminded me of the cough syrup that I lick off my finger after pouring it in a medicine cup for my kids.

faux orange and yellow leaves with green apples in a planter

There is also a wine bar that includes a charcuterie cheese plate, seven wines, and two wine flights.  I did not discuss gluten-free items, however its reasonable to think that they will have options.

The Fall Ambience

The place is decked out in autumn leaves, apple crates, and apples.  We really thought it was one of the cutest themed Kidcot spots.

Note: This space would be perfect for family photos.  Add some fall dresses, cute flannel shirts, and cowboy boots to adorn your social media.  

Kidcot Fun Stops

Disney is the best at promoting an environment where parents can drink while children play.  While we sipped our cider flight, our children learned about Canada, colored Disney cards, and stickered themselves and each other.

brown paper Epcot suitcase with "Kidcot Fun Stop" on ziplock bag

At the first Kidcot stop, the children receive this “suitcase.”  At each following fun stop, they receive a card, a sticker, and details about the country from a cast member who calls that land home.  

Three children coloring with markers at Kidcot Canada fun stop

Our son with autism became passionate about these Kidcot stops and made completing them an important mission for him to finish.  We will be hitting the rest of the stops at our next visit.  The Appleseed Orchard in Canada at Epcot Food and Wine fueled our love for a new Disney World must-do! 

While traveling together, we want to spend time in places where we each can enjoy ourselves.  What is your favorite place to take your family during Epcot Food & Wine Festival? 

Glass of Apple cider in front of box of Granny Smith apples at appleseed  orchard in epcot

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