How is Embassy Suites in Beachwood Ohio for Autistic Families?

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While there are perks to the Embassy Suites in Beachwood Ohio for Autistic families, there are cons to consider.  The article will cover the amenities, photos of the rooms, and a discussion of important considerations for families with autism.

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What does the lobby offer families with autism?

The resort features an indoor pool, a fitness area, and a sit-down restaurant with carryout and room service. Most of the lobby is updated, and the glass atrium is bright and airy.  The area near the free bar for cocktail hour (two hours) is pretty lackluster, though.

However, the glass elevators inside the atrium are a hit with my autistic child. We got such a gorgeous view from each trip up to our room and back down to the lobby.

Additionally, the Embassy recently renovated the hotel with contemporary decor.  However, the rooms still managed to smell a bit musty.  If your child is sensitive to odor, this may be a dealbreaker.  

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We checked into our premier room on the fourth floor and were pleasantly surprised to see the new rooms. Each suite is a spacious two-room suite with either a king bed or two double beds. 

Embassy Suites Beachwood Ohio desk

We immediately noted that everything was spotless. The room feels fresh and contemporary, which is a nice touch compared to the atrium.  There is a large desk for business travelers that I may have used to write this post.

What does the suite offer for families with autism?

Many children with autism have special dietary requirements.  Embassy Suites give us a tiny version of a kitchen that can store our gluten-free food items for our family.  The rooms are fairly similar at every Embassy, so our son knows what to expect when we arrive. 

The living area provides blackout drapes for children who have difficulty sleeping (which often goes hand in hand with autism).  

Embassy Suites Beachwood Ohio microwave, bottled water

Are you an avid coffee drinker?  The Keurig has coffee, cream, and sugar.  Our gift bag contains two bottles of water, which was disappointing.  The kitchenette also has a small bar sink. This area helped us to provide our son with his unique food items.

The sofa is for sleeping, perfect for small children.  Our son’s ritual is to sleep on the foldout couch at every hotel that we visit.  

Embassy Suites Beachwood Ohio sofa fold-out

The bathroom sink highlights decent shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion,  soaps, and tissues. There were not any bath towels in our room. Unfortunately, we had to call and request those.  As other parents of children with autism know, when you’ve promised your kiddo a shower and have to wait for staff to bring you a towel, it can cause some tempers to flare.
Embassy Suites Beachwood Ohio bahtroom sink

This is a spacious, gorgeous shower and glass shower door. It’s an inspiration for our home bathroom renovation! Our kids were able to  shower together.  However, they did not have a bathtub. Depending on the age of your children, this may be a drawback.
Embassy Suites Beachwood Ohio shower

There is another sink in the bedroom, which is a huge benefit!  I didn’t have to wake small children in the other room to wash my face or brush my teeth.

A king bed with a dark wood headboard and white comforter with four white pills with two side tables and a white lamp and shade on each.  An alarm clock on the left table and a telephone with a note pad on the right.

Where can we eat?

I am an absolute breakfast junkie, and my babes are pretty darn into their cereal.  The free breakfast includes hot eggs, bacon, sausage, and breakfast potatoes in a buffet. I fangirl over ordering the delectable made-to-order pancakes, waffles, french toast, and omelets at the grill.  If you’re looking for a lighter option, there is a continental breakfast featuring toast, bagels, yogurt, and fruit.

Every evening features a free manager’s reception from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM that provides snacks, soft drinks, and cocktails.  My children love the nachos and Shirley Temples! 

 There was no limit on cocktails at the manager’s evening reception. The staff was incredibly helpful despite how outnumbered I felt by my four children. There was only one of me, but the staff were so helpful.  While I was juggling babies and a stroller, the hostess offered to get us a glass of orange juice.

If you’re looking to pay for dinner, you have options within the hotel as well.  We ordered dinner to pick-up from the hotel restaurant Park East Bar & Grill by calling  from our room and sending my husband downstairs. Once we arrived, the bartender ignored us for quite a while.

Do not wait until the meltdown hunger point to order!  With all of the options nearby and through food delivery apps, I would absolutely skip the restaurant.

Is the Embassy Suites in Beachwood Ohio for Autistic Families with special diets?

Park East Bar & Grill left the buns off the hot dog and burgers, so my children were able to remain gluten-free. However, cocktail hour has a buffet of snacks full of gluten and other allergens.  I would bet the cross-contamination possibility is high! 

The Embassy Suites breakfast spread is my favorite hotel breakfast.  There are so many options for special diets between the grill, the refrigerated section, and the chafing dishes.  Management and chefs were very responsive during the breakfast time.

What are the activities for autistic children?

The perks?  There is a a large hotel pool with a relatively warm temperature. 

Unfortunately- it ends there.

The cons? Well, the deep end is slightly more than five feet which terrified my mom heart. Our children got in over there heads quickly.  The pool was pretty overcrowded and there are NO lifeguards.  Considering autistic children are much more likely to die of drowning, these are very real safety concerns. 

To make matters work, the hot tub was closed for repair.  Unfortunately, the broken hot tub limited our time in the pool area.

How helpful were the staff to autistic children?

The hospitality of the staff was excellent. My son with autism becomes overwhelmed. He can be loud when confronted with changes in routines and in crowds. We were really lucky with how they were wonderful with him.

The Embassy Suites stay feels like an all-inclusive vacation. If you’re familiar with Ohio, you know that it is a rarity.

When evaluating the Embassy Suites in Beachwood Ohio for Autistic Families, I recommend this hotel to all families, particularly those with autism.  

What is your favorite hotel for families with autism?  Leave your response below!

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  1. We love staying at Embassy Suites and find them very family-friendly. And the glass elevators are always a hit with my kids! Glad to know that this ES is also a great family-stay.

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