The “Ultimate Disney Christmas Package” Christmas Eve Dinner in Epcot

The “Ultimate Disney Christmas Package” Christmas Eve dinner in Epcot was an unforgettable family experience that we were lucky to enjoy! We went back during Christmastime in 2017, and it remains a special memory.

We used our park passes to enter Epcot on Christmas Eve. While the event was part of the Ultimate Disney Christmas Package, the tickets to get into the theme park were not. The festive holiday dinner was held in the World Showplace in Epcot (between the Canada and United Kingdom pavilions). A brightly lit building welcomed us to the feast.

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The Experience

The lights were dim upon entry with bright cartoon characters and snowflakes decorating canvases. While it was busy, we had a lot of space away from our neighbors. Throughout the open floor plan, holiday music blared through the speakers, and friendly cast members helped us find our seats.

The Menu

The “Ultimate Disney Christmas Package” Christmas Eve dinner in Epcot had a customized menu that I still drool over! The menu featured a variety of buffet tables, including soup and salad, hot food, pasta action, kids, and dessert stations.

The soup and salad station provided seafood bisque, Canadian cheddar soup, tomato basil salad, grilled vegetable salad, and holiday almond crackers. My absolute favorite was the medley of winter greens with green apples, pumpkin seeds, and lite pomegranate vinaigrette.

Christmas Eve

The hot food station provided guests with:

  • green beans with stewed tomatoes,
  • buttered corn off the cob with edamame and peppers,
  • smashed potatoes with roasted garlic,
  • parmesan-crusted chicken breast,
  • oven-baked cod with lemon caper sauce,
  • holiday raised beef with mushroom and onions
  • rolls with butter.

The pasta action station featured penne with either roasted garlic marinara and parmesan cheese with pancetta, four-cheese cream, and peas. The table also had gluten-filled Foccacia bread with olive oil that we had to pass on.

Gluten-Free Options

Since we are gluten-free, the chef brought out a plate of gluten-free pasta for us to adorn with the sauce of our choosing from the pasta station. A majority of the salads were safe, as were the green beans and the grilled veggies. For pic ky eaters, the chef brought out chicken wings for my husband and chicken tenders for my son.

Beverage Options

After a long day in the park and hard work fighting crowds all week, there was fantastic news. For the first time in my Disney experience, the alcohol was free! The menu featured Bud Light, Corona, Yuengling, Angry Orchard Hard Cider, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The wines included Beringer White Zinfandel as well as a variety of Hogue wines like Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The delicious holiday specialty cocktail was the “Christmas Colada”. The drink is a pina colada mix combined with cranberry juice, sprite, and Amsterdam Vodka. This was absolutely delicious, but far too sweet and creamy when combined with rich meat and plentiful plates of pasta.

From a gluten-free alcohol perspective, we chose between the Angry Orchard hard cider, Christmas Colada, and wine.

For kids, there weren’t any specialty children’s cups. Since our daughter was 20-months-old, she drank her milk out of a coffee cup.

Holiday Tablescapes

Each table featured a festive centerpiece of floating candles, red table cloths, fancy water goblets, and heavy silver table numbers. The tables created a celebratory motif with candlelight, wine goblets, and table cloths.

Why we need Autism acceptance

While I loved the idea of the experience, we had a rough time. Our table was next to the kid’s buffet. It’s hard to pin my son with autism down into a chair. He stood within a three-foot radius of our space (not interfering with anyone else, as we were on the outskirts of the meal). Loud music was playing, and he was giggling and stimming.

A woman came up to me to tell me that my son was ruining her night. She thought his behavior was obscene. I’ve seen my children behave poorly. It disturbed her to listen to him hysterically giggling while getting chicken fingers off the buffet table.

When I explained he had autism, she told me “those kinds of people shouldn’t be allowed in public”. It was Christmas Eve in Walt Disney World. I will never get over how cruel that behavior was.

Despite our rough experience, my children were in love with Disney during the holidays. On our way out, we had an exclusive view of Epcot and the fireworks.

To note, as of 2019, the “Ultimate Disney Christmas Package” Christmas Eve Dinner in Epcot is no longer offered. I am sad that we may never get to enjoy a holiday feast in the World Showplace again.

Does anyone know of any current holiday meal options in the World Showplace? Leave it in the comments.

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