Family at Sensory-friendly Frozen Disney on Broadway show at Playhouse Square in Cleveland Ohio

Our family enjoys Broadway shows as they travel across North America. However, locating sensory-friendly plays in Cleveland can be challenging when your children are neurodivergent. Luckily, we tracked down an Autism-friendly theater quickly. This article will discuss the best ways to enjoy sensory-friendly local theater events in Cleveland, Ohio, and give reviews of our Playhouse Square experiences.

Family in front of Frozen play poster

Can you attend autism friendly play performances in Cleveland, Ohio?

Yes, downtown Playhouse Square presents sensory friendly plays in Cleveland. The performing arts center intends sensory inclusive performances for individuals on the autism spectrum or with other sensory, social, and cognitive sensitivities. Families and friends are welcome to attend together in a judgment free atmosphere.

What are sensory friendly performances at Playhouse Square?

The sensory-friendly shows provide a full-length performance and provide:

  • Lower sound and light levels, no strobe effects, and fewer startling special effects.
  • House and stage lights remain at a low level throughout the show.
  • Audience members can stand, move, talk, or make noise during the performance.
  • Individuals can use electronic devices and support items in the audience.
  • Playhouse Square offers quiet areas and activities staffed by trained volunteers.

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What does Sensory Friendly Mean?

Sensory-friendly means less background noise during performances. Sensory-friendly presentations cater to people on the autism spectrum or those with ADHD and sensory issues. However, the shows are not limited to any specific conditions. If your family benefits from the theater lights remaining on, lower sound levels (and less startling noises), avoiding strobe effects, or increased tolerance of noise and movement- sensory-friendly presentations are for you!

Can you see Autism Friendly Disney Broadway shows in Cleveland?

Yes, you can. Playhouse Square has an excellent website supporting information about all their sensory-friendly plays in Cleveland. These plays are the perfect opportunity for those seeking autism-friendly performances.

Frozen screen Playhouse Square

Disney plays are known for incredible special effects, fantastic performers, and creative costumes and sets. The songs from the original film tie what my children learn to an expanded score and imaginative play that expands their horizons.

If you’re looking for sensory-friendly Cleveland plays, you can search this website for tickets to every upcoming play in your community.

Is there a minimum age for Playhouse Square?

The Playhouse Square age requirement is two and above. Every guest must have and pay for a ticket.

What are Disney Broadway sensory-friendly plays in Cleveland, Ohio?

There have been sensory-friendly Broadway shows from Disney over the years, including The Lion King in 2019 and Frozen in 2022.

However, those aren’t the only Broadway Disney plays in Cleveland, Ohio, over the years. I do not recall a sensory version of the plays when they came through Cleveland: Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, Newsies the musical, Tarzan, Little Mermaid, and Aladdin went through the area. However, I am hopeful they will continue presenting sensory-friendly versions of each play in the Disney Broadway series.

Review of the Frozen Autism-Friendly Performance

The Frozen play was incredible, and all family members, including the littlest ones, loved it! The musical numbers were reminiscent of the actual movie, but there were other creative numbers. My children loved it because it was so similar to the film that they were engaged- and the adults loved it because it was incredibly artistic!

Family photo with Frozen play poster in Cleveland Ohio at Playhouse Square

Review of The Lion King Sensory-Friendly Play

Our son prefers to attend sensory-friendly performances for his birthday party each year. He brings all of his siblings and his grandmother. He feasts on expensive snacks and drinks and gets to choose a souvenir from the play. The Lion King meant that much to him- we always return!

I will never forget the animals walking down the aisles during the initial scene. It’s incredibly memorable and engages my children from the first moment. Lion King is one of the best plays I have ever seen, and I will always bring my babies at any opportunity.

Sensory-Friendly Plays in Cleveland, Ohio

Have you attended any sensory-friendly theater performances? What are your favorite Sensory inclusive family attractions in Cleveland?

Family with Frozen characters on way to the play

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