Typically Twitterpated Best of 2018 year in review

To celebrate how far we’ve come and where we are going, I’ve performed a round-up of our memorable blogging moments! Let’s take a look back on the most popular posts from 2018.

This year has been a whirlwind. We’ve traveled to Wilmington, Duck Island, and Hilton Head Island and haven’t even covered it on the blog. From a personal standpoint, it has been a rollercoaster. The good news is- I still have plenty of content to write about! However, I plan to blog with intent this year and be completely honest about the struggles in life. Without further ado, these are the most memorable blog posts of 2018.

The Best of 2018: Top 6 Most Popular Blog Posts

#6 Top 7 Family Activities at Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is our family’s favorite haven- complete with trolleys, museums, and a sea turtle center. Autism family travel has unique challenges, but luckily the wildlife refuge is soothing. The island is one giant wildlife preserve that is so peaceful and quiet And I can grocery shop at the market with a glass of wine in hand. If that gets old, just head down to the endless stretch of beach. I absolutely plan to retire to that serene slice of nature someday.

#5 Haunted Denver

I love Cleveland. I know it’s crazy to say it– but Cleveland is like a magical fairyland to me. Yes, the weather is more “Abominable Snowman” meets a lightning storm than Oz, but the place is captivating, and the people are glorious. Cleveland will always have my heart.

But if I had to pick another place to live- it would be Denver. The people remind me so much of the midwest- kind and thoughtful. They believe in the art of small talk and they shared stories of these super fun haunted houses. Alongside a gluten-free craft beer and arugula salad. Because– Denver.

Stay tuned. I haven’t even scratched the surface on my Denver series— so many beers, restaurants, and destinations to review! I’m glad the interwebs love this Denver post as much as I do. It inspires me to keep the Denver love coming.

#4 Autism: What to Know

It may be cheating to call it a blog post from 2018. I wrote this back when I first created the blog but updated it with current thoughts about our journey. When I first wrote this, our son was barely speaking. Now he is leaps and bounds ahead with speech, socialization, and development.

Autism is hard, but we are all getting the hang of his strengths and ways to best support him. While we face a long road, I am grateful for the journey together. I know it sounds cliche, but he makes me a patient, loving human being. That’s not to say it’s easy- but it’s worth it. I may have to update it yearly- I have even more to say.

#3 About Our Family

I updated our “About Us” page this year and was shocked to see how popular it is. It’s lovely to know that readers care about the face behind the words. Thank you for wanting to get to know us.

#2 A Disney World Favorite

We heard all the hype about Tiffins in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We were headed to DAK to visit Pandora and scheduled an ADR. The photos showed how Tiffins mixed its spunky character with fine dining, and knew we had to visit ASAP. We were amazed to see how Disney intermingled a storyline throughout the restaurant.

Honestly, for anyone wondering if eating at Tiffin’s with an allergy is worth it? Go for it! It’s a treat- delicious gluten-free food with captivating decor and accommodating staff.

#1 The Most Popular Post of the Year

It’s easy to post about vacations and reviews of places we’ve traveled. It’s challenging to be vulnerable about a traumatic and personal time in our life.  We’re grateful for the support.  This post and your overwhelmingly thoughtful responses are why I plan to be honest from this point forward.

Everyone looks pretty on social media, but it’s time to get real.  We want other families to know that they’re not alone.  Here’s to the best of 2018. May 2019 be even more lovely!

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The Best of 2018

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