Two Smiling People Yearning for a Trip to Disney

It starts quietly, answering the questions of a co-worker looking to take a budget trip to Walt Disney World.  The craving increases as your oldest child stares at a carousel horse spinning in a snow globe and says “Can we go to Disney soon, Mommy?” While attempting to find a new baby photo on your phone to show Grandpa, you instead find yourself staring directly at a shining family photo in the heart of Epcot. The hankering grows, checking the calendar to see when you have your next span of days off. Suddenly, “we’re going to Disney World.”

The heavy rationalization begins surrounding the idea of the trip.  “It would help us get more value out of our Annual Passes.”  Then, “We should probably use our Disney Vacation Club points before they expire”. 

Next comes searching the website for the cheapest or most beautiful Walt Disney World resort hotels. Are they too expensive this time of year? Then it’s time to check out their cheaper neighbors off Disney property.

Before you know it, Google searches, blog reading, and forum poring begin to take over.

So it begins. The excessive strategizing and plotting just one more trip. And suddenly you’re telling the family, “we’re going to Disney!”

Are you a Disney trip planning addict?  If so, you LIVE this elated feeling!

The Psychology of Pleasure

I prefer to call my obsession with all forms of trip planning a ‘hobby’. It makes it sound healthier than any other term. However, I do have science on my side.

Why do people become obsessed with Disney World?

Scientific research showed that experiences provided more long-lasting pleasure than material possessions. While this applies to all experiences and all forms of travel, it is also true for those who love to travel to the most magical place on Earth.

Walt Disney World provides a magical experience, from first planning the trip to coming home and reviewing trip photos. Psychology is on our side.  The study proved that experiences like vacations provide long-term satisfaction.  The first click on a Disney planning website activates pleasure centers all the way through post-vacation reminiscing at home.

‘Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy’ –Walt Disney

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Best Disney World Trip Planning Sites

If you’re looking for that first click, we have unique articles discussing autism, the Disability Access Service, and Disney World. However, if you need more. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Disney Planning blogs!

  • is one of my favorite sites- the editors and writers are funny and there are multiple articles and YouTube videos weekly about Disney.
  • This website provides information about Disney World and special needs, including autism.
  • Disney Food Blog: If you love Disney food, this is your site that contains everything related to food, including menus and reviews
  • Disney Tourist Blog: While some of the articles are long-winded, there are lots of up-to-date and relevant articles (particularly if you’re on the email list.)

“We’re Going to Disney World”

The phrase has been burned into our heads for decades. However, it doesn’t lose its fun.

Why do they say “I’m going to Disney World?”

The commercials were broadcast after the Super Bowl and featured a player (often the Super Bowl MVP) stating, “I’m going to Disney World” while celebrating their victory. Michael Eisner’s wife, Jane Eisner, was credited with the brilliant marketing scheme.

Who was the first person to say “I’m going to Disney World” after winning the Super Bowl?

Walt Disney World paid quarterback Phil Simms handsomely to state that he was going to Disney World after the 1987 Super Bowl.

I’ve Been Waiting My Whole Life to Blog about Disney

Several months ago, my husband was cleaning out our guest room to build me a home office. He found a folder with a thank you card that I made for my dad. The card gushed over him taking our family to Disney World when I was 8 years old. I saved all the maps, key cards, and pictures. It was 15 pages long.

As he continued cleaning, he found a fabric-bound book that I had typed out entitled “Disney World- Previewed & Reviewed”. It was a school project for a non-fiction book. After staring at my early family travel articles and reviews, it was then that I knew. I was basically born to write a family travel blog!

Final Thoughts

Now that I have my next two trips planned, I’ve soothed the trip planning. My family can’t wait for me to tell them next, “we’re going to Disney!” The good news is that any trip to Disney will soothe my obsession- Hilton Head Island or Vero Beach Resort included. Planning a trip, or knowing that one is on the horizon can pacify it.

I know this comes from a place of privilege, that we can afford Disney. Prices recently have priced most families out. The Florida resident Annual Pass, the Pixie Pass, and staying at the Swan & Dolphin has helped us to keep costs down.

When are you headed to Disney next? What’s your favorite part of the trip planning process?

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Two Smiling People Yearning for a Trip to Disney


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