Disney World Door Greeter: The captain

We have experienced many Walt Disney World employees, known as cast members, throughout the years.  I have yet to report on any disappointing experiences.  Most of all, Disney cast members offer a perspective and experience that typical hospitality employees are unable to.

Most Americans are familiar with the concept of a door greeter. Actually, this is a role present in entertainment and retail locations across the country.  Furthermore, Walt Disney World places a magical significance on this particular role. Disney World door greeters have an incredibly charming disposition. The Captain’s quiet observation of our unique family experience vastly improved our vacation experience.

Our experience

It was the morning of our last day at Walt Disney World.  We were at the Beach Club’s Concierge desk printing out airline tickets and Disney’s Magical Express tickets.  My two boys were tussling and being a bit loud.  My husband and I were trying to keep them calm. You can read about our son’s journey with autism.   Actually, we must have seemed flustered when our son began flapping and shouting.

The Captain came over to talk to us.  He asked my husband a bit about our son, and our family.  He asked if he was able to talk to our son and give him a gift.  We agreed and he left.  As a result, he returned several minutes later.

He got down on one knee and quietly spoke to both of our sons. He gave each of them a very special Captain hat. As he made them honorary Captains, my son became overwhelmed. While Autism Spectrum Disorder is a “hidden disability”, one aspect that is very public is his expression of anger, over-stimulation, and frustration.

Due to our experience as family members, we had nicknamed these outbursts a “meltdown”. The Captain reassured us that a meltdown, as the world sees it, is an incorrect label. He or she is not having a “meltdown”, they are have a crisis.

While he offered to give our sons a present, it was our family who left with the real gift that day. We had a new, relaxed point of view that helps us to have a fresh understanding of our son’s plight.

Hats off to you, Captain.
boy disney world captain

While the experience was absolutely breathtaking, I have only been able to find a few families who shared our experience with the Captain!

Have you met a Walt Disney World door greeter? Which resort has your favorite cast member interactions?


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