The History of Terra Treats

The allergy kiosk at Animal Kingdom is gone and renamed Terra Treats. Terra Treats is a colorful and seasonal kiosk at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that has a fascinating history. However, with the name change came the disappearance of its well-known allergy-friendly snacks and drinks.

When is Terra Treats Open?

Terra Treats is closed unless it’s a busy time of year. It only opens during crowded times of the year, like the Holiday season and spring or summer breaks, serving limited snacks and beverages. Terra Treats is occasionally open during special events.

A sign that says 'Terra Treats will not be serving today'

Where is Terra Treats located?

You walk past the multicolor Terra Treats kiosk on the Discovery Island Trail in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Terra Treats Kiosk on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is located across from the Starbucks, and the bridge into Africa is just ahead.

What is the menu at Terra Treats kiosk in Animal Kingdom?

While I will never critique a Disney treat, the menu has gone from eclectic to mildly interesting to downright boring. It seems like it’s been eons since it featured mesmerizing foods like cricket crackers and gluten-free lager. When it opened recently, according to the Terra Treats menu, it served quick bites and snacks:

  • $6 Tomato & cheese pizza slice
  • $6.50 Pepperoni & cheese pizza slide
  • $8 bottles of Bud Light
  • $10 mocktails with glow cubes
  • Bottled soda and water

Why did Walt Disney World Get Rid of the Allergy Kiosk at Animal Kingdom?

The Discovery Island kiosk reigned supreme when the need for a dedicated allergy (and plant-based) food location was needed to serve those with special diets. The need for a dedicated allergy stand lessened because Walt Disney World made allergy menus more accessible. The Discovery Island Kiosk changed its name in December of 2015.

You can now ask to see the allergy menu at every table service restaurant and quick service stand. The “Gardens Kiosk” also went by the wayside for a similar reason. Disney World has made a great push to include plant-based options at every restaurant.

Exterior of Terra treats in 2017 with cricket chips visible in right window

The History of the Terra Treats Snack Cart

There used to be an allergy-friendly kiosk featuring breakfast and snack treats with a pile of gluten-free snacks including fresh fruit, cookies, crackers, and chips. The cart featured unique treats like breakfast pastries and gluten-free draft beer.  Once upon a time, they even had cricket flour crackers (made from ground-up crickets).

During that time, the Gardens Kiosk featured allergy and plant-based treats. Both stands provided pamphlets regarding other options for plant-based eating and allergy alternatives throughout the park, as well.

Before the allergy kiosk at Animal Kingdom, it was the Discovery Island Ice Cream cart. The ice cream stand featured a homemade ice cream sandwich, hand-scooped ice cream, and a “bug sundae.” The homemade ice cream sandwich was similar to the delicious and oversized one from the Main Street Bakery. For those looking to recreate the sundae at home- grab some gummy worms!

Cricket chips in the window at the allergy kiosk in disney's animal kingdom

Terra Treats Bottom Line

The history of the constantly evolving Disney theme parks is fascinating. In Walt Disney’s true vision, nothing remains the same.

However, if it’s open, hit us up on social media (FacebookInstagram, and Twitter). Let us know what they are serving! Our gluten-free family remains fascinated with this spot.

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