Our family celebrated our youngest’s birthday last weekend with a DIY Minnie Mouse First Birthday party.  In my family’s fashion, we infused the party with our love of Disney. Since this was our little mouse’s first birthday, we went with decorations inspired by a pink and retro Minnie Mouse.

Our Disney Side with Style

We wanted to do all-out Minnie Mouse with a twist of style.  Our friends and family loved the design.  I think it turned out so well, and I was excited to share it with you!

minnie mouse 1st birthday

DIY Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party

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With an April birthday, the party celebrated the beginning of spring. Nothing says spring like pretty flowers.  First of all, this party was all about spring, flowers, and our little girl’s love of the fabulous Minnie!  The pink Gerbera daisies have a sweet, cartoon quality.  Our retro Disney posters from Amazon were framed for the party and will move into our girl’s room after.

a minnie mouse poster and pink flowers in a pot

The Minnie Mouse birthday banner was festive, and best of all, you can buy it for just a few bucks, pretty pink ribbon included! We used a little burlap here and there to keep it simple (leftover from MILES of runners from our wedding).

A minnie mouse banner in front of a mirror and flowers with a mickey mouse ear globe

Her party featured pink tulips, daffodils, and white hyacinth to welcome spring.  This antique globe received a DIY Minnie mouse upgrade! A quick trace around a jelly jar on a black poster board was all we needed to add ‘mouse ears’ to the globe for some silly party fun.

Flowers, a happy birthday minnie mouse banner, and a mickey mouse ear globe.

Unfortunately, things got a little crazy once our hungry guests arrived and our photographic efforts lapsed for the food.   Since we tried to keep it simple for a party like this, we went with a picnic theme.  Therefore sandwiches and a few hearty salads are the most natural offerings.

Minnie Mouse #pretty

Every kid’s birthday party needs balloons, and our spring party mood continued with colorful flower balloons.   Also, we needed the second poster of Minnie and Mickey Mouse to keep that Disney retro feel.

Three balloons and a minnie & mickey poster by a fireplace

Our first birthday girl was a blur of activity on her day!  The rainbow birthday tutu was a hit and expressed her style of rainbows and sunshine!

first birthday baby girl in rainbow tutu and gold tiara

Minnie Mouse Smash Cake

Of course, we celebrated with a Minnie Mouse smash cake and a larger cake for the party guests.   Furthermore, our pastry chef put amazing detail into these creations: pink bows, polka dots, and rose swirls. The chocolate cake with vanilla bean buttercream frosting tasted as good as it looks.

minnie mouse smash cake and baby in high chair

The fabulous Curvy Confections created a delicious and creative cake.   We had to add the pink polka dot plates and napkins (check price here) for serving this masterpiece.

A pink minnie mouse birthday cake with mini smash cake cupcake

Our little one got a costume change into a new t-shirt for the cake smash (check the price here).  The t-shirt is sparkly, matches the birthday tutu, and says, “I’m this many.”  But, you do NOT want to forget this step if you hope to keep the birthday ensemble. Cake smashing is fun but not very pretty!

Aw, cake smashes are unique.  We give babies, who have never had sugar before, a ridiculously giant cake to devour in front of a crowd. Consequently, my little person was not quite sure about what to do first.

A baby sitting in a highchair digging hands into icin of pink and white smash cupcake

Luckily, she figured it out and dove right in!  No holds barred.  The tough Disney princesses would be so proud!

Finally, we set up her present area.  It seems like it worked for her to spend the entire time crawling around and checking out her goods.  Our DIY Minnie Mouse first birthday party was a smash, pun intended!

baby opening presents

Autism and Loud Birthday Parties

Finally, our son with autism had some struggles related to the crowds and the noise. He really did not like the birthday song belted out by a large crowd.  Thankfully, my husband sat with him during the noise, and we talked about it after.  I should have helped him prepare better and set expectations with a social story.

Navigating milestones with crowds is a process with him as he grows.

A redhead baby in a rainbow tutu, gold headband, and black t-shirt with 'one' waving

What’s your favorite child’s theme for a first birthday party?  Do you have any tips to help siblings with autism during parties?

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