Top 5 Best gluten-free snacks at disney world

The Best Gluten-free Snacks in Disney World

Our family seeks out gluten-free snacks every time we visit Walt Disney World.  My husband and I eat a gluten-free diet for health issues.  However, we’ve noticed that our autistic son’s sensory and behavioral issues improve with removing gluten from his diet.  The research swings back and forth on whether a gluten-free diet helps children with autism.  However, it works for us, and  I feel passionate about it.

For our family, our sweet son’s autism and a gluten-free diet are important considerations while traveling. We developed this snack list as we began navigating Disney World as a gluten-free family.  The following are our top 5 best gluten-free snacks at Disney World.

Top 5 Best gluten-free snacks disney world

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5. Gluten-Free Churros

The Nomad Lounge at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom features one of our favorite gluten-free snacks.  The gluten-free churros come with vanilla crema and chili-strawberry sauces for dipping.   You can also snag these at the Three Bridges Bar and Grill gluten-free churros at Nomad Lounge

These churros are delicious, whether you eat gluten or not. For those of us who truly miss this childhood treat, these are incredible.  The vanilla sauce is sweet and creamy, while the Chili-Strawberry glaze finishes with a kick.

The Nomad Lounge is connected to Tiffins Restaurant and located along the pathway to Pandora: World of Avatar.  If you want to snag churros without waiting, arrive 10 minutes before the lounge opens (around lunchtime).  Our wait has varied depending on the time of day, but the lounge is fairly family-friendly.

See our article all about gluten-free options at the Nomad Lounge.

4. Snacks with Character

snacks with character, gluten-free snacks disney world

Disney’s certified gluten-free line of treats is known as “Snacks with Character.”  If you’re looking for a huge variety of gluten-free snacks that are easy to snag and quick to eat, Snacks with Character check all your boxes.

You can find these options in most Disney World gift shops.  Snacks with Character presents allergy options featuring adorable Disney characters.

Amazingly, this line has a variety of flavorful options for guests who have food allergies or follow a vegan diet.   My favorite is the chocolate sunseed bar which features a sultry mix of chocolate and sunflower butter.

Cookie options include Lemon Burst and Chocolate Chip.  The snack line has a variety of chocolate bars, fruit & seed bars, and healthy chips.

Disney Theme Parks created these products in conjunction with Ocean Spray, Enjoy Life Foods, Way Better Snacks, and WOW Baking Company.  These companies also deliver family favorites back home.

3. Red Velvet Gluten-free Cupcakes from Sprinkles

Sprinkles bakery is known for their cupcake ATM and they have a gluten-free red velvet cupcake that is better than anything at Erin McKenna’s bakery. They, too, are in Disney Springs. This gluten-free delicacy is super instagramable.

Gluten Friendly Red Velvet

2. A frosty Dole Whip

Gluten-free diners, rejoice!  While sweating during a scorching Disney afternoon, you can enjoy a refreshing pineapple soft serve. Dole whips have a fan following among Disney World addicts.

Two hands, Dole Whip, Gluten-free snacks walt disney world.
From Left: Dole Whip Float, Dole Whip

Better yet? Try the icy, sweet pineapple Dole Whip Float.  Why? Because tangy pineapple soft serve splashed with pineapple juice creates the perfect float. If pineapple soft serve is not your favorite, you can also get the pineapple Dole Whip swirled with sweet vanilla. If you really hate Disney World, you can eat one of the other flavors of Dole Whip or soft serve.

Above any other treat, these are a must-do for a steamy day.

The Dole Whip is available at Animal Kingdom’s Tamu Tamu Refreshments, Magic Kingdom’s Aloha Isle & Sunshine Tree Terrace, and the Polynesian’s Pineapple Lanai.

1. Gluten-free Beignets

These hot, fresh, decadent pastries are the absolute best gluten-free treat in Walt Disney World resort. If you put talk to the chef, the chef will prepare fresh gluten-free beignets.

Pro Tip: We often request the beignets the night before because so that the chef will thaw the dough in advance.

Gluten-free beignets with chocolate drizzle
Photo by Debby Ledet on Unsplash

These are found at either Scat Cat’s Club or the counter service restaurant Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter.  Supposedly, there is a new option of boozey beignets featuring Bailey’s, Kahlua, or RumChata, but I’m not sure how it pans out for those of us who are gluten-free.

Top 5 Gluten-free Snacks at Disney World


Honorable mentions

  • Zebra domes
  • Night Blossom (or Rum Blossom)
  •  Macarons at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie
  • Turkey leg
  • Mickey bar
  • Popcorn

How can I eat gluten-free in Walt Disney World?

We wrote an entire guide for how to eat gluten-free in the restaurants. In fact, the article covers how to eat a special diet at Walt Disney World restaurants.  Don’t worry, we have you covered!

If you want a gluten-free beer or cider, we did the footwork so you don’t have to waste your time.  We created a whole list featuring all of our favorites.  The guide identifies where you can find them by location and restaurant (or bar).

We always recommend pre-ordering specialty items on Amazon Pantry or from Amazon Prime for the day you arrive at your Disney hotel. While Disney World now charges fees if they deliver to your room,  we address it to the hotel and put our names and dates of stay on the package.  They’ve always held it for us at luggage services.

What are your favorite gluten-free snacks Disney World?  Follow along for our up to date posts.  Sign up for our email list.  Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.



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