Looking for a snack or drink to refresh your party while hanging out in Pandora: World of Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom?  Look no further than the slushy drink stand called Pongu Pongu, which means “Party, Party” to the Na’vi. As with most places in Disney World, the backstory is that an expatriate created the bar. The visitor to Alpha Centauri fell in love with the alluring planet of Pandora and created these Avatar-inspired drinks at Disney.

Where is Pongu Pongu located in Disney World?

Pongu Pongu is in Animal Kingdom, next to the Windtraders gift shop. When Satuli Canteen is on your right side, Pongu Pongu is straight ahead. When you enter the land, you will walk past the beautiful floating islands and waterfalls, keeping them on your right.

Map of Pongu Pongu's location in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Pongu Pongu Snacks and Drinks in Pandora

While the snack stand is limited, you can always supplement it with a meal from the Satuli Canteen, the land’s quick-service restaurant. The multicolored drinks are refreshing and slushy while channeling Disney World’s “Pongu Pongu” spirit. If you are looking forward to spending time with the Na’vi and creatures from Avatar, read on for how to enjoy all the Pongu Pongu drinks in Pandora.

Straw thatched hut roof, over a snack stand including wooden sign painted with blue and orange letters "Pongu Pongu"
Do you know why I love Walt Disney World?  They make a small snack stand into an intricately themed plot point to the Avatar movie.  The party begins in this glorified snack shop with a straw-thatched roof, next to the popular shop Windtraders.  Pongu Pongu features draft beers, non-alcoholic and alcoholic frozen beverages, and specialty snacks.

Does Pongu Pongu have breakfast?

Pongu Pongu in Animal Kingdom has breakfast starting when the park opens, including:

  • Marshall’s favorite sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit
  • French toast sticks
  • Pongu Lumpia
The Night Blossom, the non-alcoholic layered slushy drink, the Rum Blossom (add rum), and the Mo’ara Margarita are available at breakfast. Even beer drinkers will enjoy imbibing in the morning with the same drinks:
  • Hawkes’ Grog Ale, a draft beer fruity hop with apricot and peach
  • Mo’ara High Country Ale, an amber ale with spicy hop aroma
A window lined with artifacts in the Pongu Pongu snack stand at Pandora in Disney's Animal Kingdom

What’s on the lunch and dinner menu at Pongu Pongu?

Pongu Pongu Opening Day Drink & Snack Menu: Frozen beverages, draft beer, and treats

If you want to enjoy the scenery at Pandora: World of Avatar with a frosty drink, Pongu Pongu has you covered.

  • Na’vi sized pretzel with beer cheese
  • Pongu Lumpia
  • Night Blossom & Rum Blossom
  • Mo’ara Margarita
  • Hawkes’ Grog Ale
  • Mo’ara High Country Ale
Pongu Pongu sign "frozen beverages, draft beers, specialty snack"

Our Review of Pongu Pongu in Animal Kingdom

The menu is delicious and gorgeous to boot- Pongu Pongu’s frozen beverage menu features colorful photographs. Because of these pictures, choosing a delicacy was difficult. It was a toss-up between choosing our drinks based on the hue: purple or green?

Spoiler alert: we went with neither! An alcoholic drink was not nearly as festive appearing as the night blossom.  How could you pass up on the night (or rum) blossom if we chose our drink based on the color hue?

Frozen Beverages at Pongu Pongu

We sampled the Mo’ara Margarita, a strawberry and blood orange margarita made with Sauza Commemorativo Anejo Tequila. We found the drinks delicious and refreshing but challenging to sip through a wide paper straw (unless you drank it quickly). Moreover, these ridiculously tasty beverages are topped with strawberry Boba balls and a glowing undelta seed for an extra charge. Don’t worry- the undelta seed is just a glow cube!

Two pink mo'ara margarita strawberry blood orange margaritas with red boba balls and large paper straws
Everyone around us was heralding rave reviews about the non-alcoholic specialty beverage called Night Blossom. A gorgeous boba mocktail that is layered with green and purple. This drink can be made alcoholic by adding a shot of rum, where it becomes the Rum Blossom. Personally, it’s one of the best alcoholic drinks in Disney’s Animal Kingdom if you like sweet drinks.

Snacks at Pongu Pongu

Next up was the legendary pineapple cream cheese spring roll (definitely NOT gluten-free) called the Pongu Lompia. The chunks of pineapple are unexpected and confusing from a sensory standpoint. My toddler daughter loved it, but I thought it was almost too sweet- particularly if you pair it with a sweet mocktail (or cocktail). 

Pongu Lompia wrapped in paper, a toasted pineapple cream cheese spring roll at Disney's Pandora

This is the “Pick up here” window where you order and pick up your delicious menus. We could not get enough of the theming.  Everywhere you look, there are artifacts from Pandora.

Animal Kingdom's Pongu Pongu pick-up here order window

If you look past the window filled with Pandora artifacts, you will see the delicious snacks that show the delicacies inside.


What could be better than pounding some drinks and posing with robots? Pongu Pongu is an excellent option to pop by when looking for a unique treat or cocktail. Not to be mistaken with the dalmatian daddy,  Pongo-  you cannot miss this beverage stand. Authentic prop, an amplified (AMP) military fighter robot, in front of Pongu Pongu in Pandora from the movie Avatar

We enjoyed our refreshment break tremendously but look forward to trying other delicacies in Pandora. Which Pongu Pongu treat are you swooning over?

Finally, check out our other features about Pandora.

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