Pongu Pongu: Drinks at Pandora- World of Avatar

Looking for a snack to refresh your party while hanging out at Pandora: World of Avatar?  Look no further than the slushy drink stand called Pongu Pongu (meaning Party, Party to the Na’vi).  The drinks are absolutely refreshing, slushy, and channel all of the Party, Party.
exterior straw hut pongu pongu
You know why I love Walt Disney World?  They make a small snack stand into an intricately themed plot point.  The party begins in this glorified snack shop with a straw-thatched roof, found next to the popular shop Windtraders.  It features draft beers, non-alcoholic and alcoholic frozen beverages, and specialty snacks.

pongu pongu sign frozen beverages draft beers specialty snack

The menu is delicious and gorgeous to boot.  Pongu Pongu’s frozen beverage menu features colorful photographs. Because of these pictures, choosing a delicacy was difficult. It was a toss-up between choosing our drinks based on hue (purple) or type of beverage (green beer).

Spoiler alert: we went with an alcoholic drink that was not nearly as festive appearing.  If we went with hue, how could you pass up on the night blossom?

pongu pongu opening drink snack menu

We found the drinks excellent and sampled the Mo’ara Margarita, a strawberry and blood orange margarita made with Sauza Commemorativo Anejo Tequila. These ridiculously tasty beverages are topped with your choice of either strawberry Boba balls or the glowing undelta seed (glow cube) for an extra charge.

mo'ara margarita strawberry blood orange margarita boba balls
Everyone around us were heralding rave reviews about the non-alcoholic Night Blossom.  It seems that you can now make this

We sampled the pineapple cream cheese spring roll (definitely NOT gluten-free) called the Pongu Lompia. We were able to sample with our daughter who loved it, but it was almost too sweet. The chunks of pineapple are unexpected and confusing from a sensory standpoint.

Pongu Lompia, pineapple cream cheese spring roll

A Glance at the Exterior of Pongu Pongu

This is the “Pick up here” window where you order and pick-up your delicious menus. We could not get enough of the theming.  Everywhere you look there are artifiacts from Pandora.

pongu pongu pick-up order here window

If you look past the sundry filled window, you will see the delicious snacks that show the delicacies inside.

pongu pongu window

What could be better than pounding some drinks and posing with robots?  This shop is guarded by the fighter robot from the movie. This hunk of thematically important metal is ideal for silly photo opportunities after a few too many margaritas. This is an Amplified Military Platform (AMP) robot.

fighter robot avatar pongu pongu amp amplified military robot

Finally, check out our feature on the new Pandora: World of Avatar.

We enjoyed our refreshment break tremendously but look forward to trying other delicacies in Pandora. Which Pongu Pongu treat are you swooning over?

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