A laptop computer in front of the Swan hotel to work remotely at Disney World

I saw a fantastic deal on Disney Vacation Club points, but it was right in the middle of a workweek. So I began wondering if working remotely at Disney World was possible. Working at Disney World is easy if you’re a solopreneur or digital nomad. While many freelancers do it (and I’ve done it many times before while self-employed), working a 9 to 5 job has certain restrictions.

Best Places On Disney Property To Work Remotely

Working remotely at Disney World means finding a quiet area with a quality internet connection. For those who wfh, Walt Disney World is the perfect travel destination. While the price is high, there is nothing better than grabbing lunch at Disney Springs or hitting the parks after the workday. Scroll down to the bottom if you want to read my personal work-from-Disney experience!

Port Orleans River Roost Lounge

The exterior of the River Roost Lounge since 1886: "Potables, victuals, libations, spirits"

I was in the quietest portion of the lounge by tucking myself in near Boatwrights. There were many tables to choose from, even though many other adults were working on their laptops nearby. For the most part, I enjoyed my time working remotely in the River Roost Lounge. My table at Port Orleans River Roost had connectivity for a teleconference.

However, the River Roost Lounge is next to the lobby- so often, loud families waiting for their rooms will come to sit. There is also a fireplace that draws people in. Luckily, a kind manager offered me the option to sit by the fireplace at Boatwrights to take the meeting as the lounge filled up. The lounge doesn’t open until 5 PM, just as my day ended. Grab a drink to celebrate!

River Roost Lounge stage and tables and chairs

Swan and Dolphin Hotel

The chairs outside the convention centers were fairly quiet, and a quieter offshoot of the Dolphin lobby was fairly quiet. However, once conferences would have breaks, they would become extremely loud. I found that it could be a quiet place to work at times but could quickly shift into overwhelming.

Arm chairs to work remotely in the Swan and Dolphin Resort conference center hallway

Swan and Dolphin Beach

The beach area between the Swan and Dolphin was perfect for quiet work. If you have a cooler day or are simply looking to get out of the room while soaking up rays, it was fairly quiet with few other people around.

Person on wooden lounge chairs by the Swan and Dolphin Resort playground

Polynesian Villas

While this resort is one of my favorites, all areas of the Grand ceremonial house and pools are very loud. I thought working on the beach would be fun, but my computer got so hot rapidly that it didn’t work out well.

Boardwalk Inn Alcoves

The Boardwalk Resort is one of my favorite places to work remotely in Disney World. It took some effort to find, but the elevators in the Boardwalk Inn feature little nooks with couches, and at the far ends of the villas, little alcoves with sofas, chairs, and tables were present. There were also power outlets for those requiring a computer charge. If you start facing the Belle Vue Lounge and head right towards the elevators, keep walking past them. You will see the quiet areas. These are located on every floor so if one is taken, keep going up a level until you find a calm space.

Port Orleans Riverside outdoors

There are many benches and hammocks dotting the Sassagoula River, and the internet is strong enough if you want to work outdoors. I chose to work in a Gazebo near Magnolia Terrace (in Magnolia Bend) in one of the beautiful courtyards. The problem with working outside, including on the balconies, is that you are mercy to noisy landscaping, carts driving past or yelling conversations on neighboring balconies. When I went out for a call, the landscapers started cutting the tree directly outside my balcony.

Saratoga Springs Resort Courtyards

Saratoga Springs Resort has various courtyards and benches where you can work remotely in Disney World. They are reasonably private and quiet. I worked in the courtyard of the Paddock building when he stayed in the two-bedroom 4627. They’re reasonably private but not shaded. Luckily, it was a cloudy day without rain showers. The wifi was strong enough for a conference call. The lake is nearby and very peaceful. It was only noisy when the occasional rowdy family or Disney golf cart roared.

Riviera Resort Voyageur Lounge

Voyageurs Lounge at Disney's Riviera Resort to work remotely

The lounge is ideal for curling up with your computer and putting in some serious work. However, it’s next to Le Petit Cafe and features a board game table, so many people come to enjoy their coffee in the morning or cocktails in the evening. The bookshelves are full of hardcover books, but they are glued to the shelves. If you can handle working without requiring absolute quiet, this is a great place to come with headphones to get work done. (Plus, Disneyana adorning the walls is super festive!)

Disney Vacation Club resort balconies

Balcony resort view at Disney Vacation Club Polynesian Village Resort

We stayed at the Polynesian Village Resort and the Boardwalk Villas. The Polynesian Villas balconies worked well, so long as your neighbors weren’t out and chatting. My kids could catch an afternoon nap from the parks while I worked on the balcony and even took a brief phone call. Unfortunately, the Boardwalk was much noisier because of the many people, performers, and music celebrating the entertainment venue.

Honorable Mentions to Work Remotely at Disney World

These are places that I observed but did not personally try.

  • Coronado Springs convention centers
  • Yacht Club Crew Club
  • Beach Club alcoves and Solarium
  • Pop outside tables from the food court (the further away, the better)

Disney World Remote Work Failures

While I was very optimistic after starting at Port Orleans, my move to Boardwalk had me questioning the possibility of remote work from Disney World. Places that were loud or had poor internet were considered Disney World remote work failures.

Laptop computer in hotel room window, working remotely at Disney's Swan and Dolphin resort

Belle Vue Lounge

Belle Vue Lounge is one of the coziest and most intimate lounges at Disney World, which has both exterior and interior seating. Regardless of your mood, you can switch it up throughout the day or hang out on the indoor couches or outdoor chairs. However, the Belle Vue lounge hosts breakfast offerings until 11 AM.

The outside area is a balcony with several chairs and tables. Between 11 and 5 seemed like a quiet and lovely option- but it is in direct sunlight most of the day, causing an overheated computer and a remote worker who felt hot and exhausted despite doing very little physical work. Luckily, the Lounge opens at 5 PM pm in case you need one of their unique craft cocktails to keep you going throughout the night.

Tambu Lounge

While it seems that Tambu Lounge would be an excellent spot to work in during the quieter times of the day, many people pass that area, and there are ‘Ohana crowds. The only pro is that ‘Ohana is closed for lunch, so there would be some quieter times.

Boardwalk Balconies

Anywhere along the Boardwalk itself was very hit or miss. Remember that there are street performers, surrey bikes, and people headed to and from Boardwalk restaurants and Epcot. I would have occasional quiet lulls, but for the most part, it wasn’t quiet.

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Best Tips to Work Remotely in Disney World

  • Use web conferencing backgrounds. I thought I was prepared and tried to tuck myself away from crowds, but I always had unexpected ‘visitors.’ From the daily safety check-in by housekeeping or random people passing behind me, I was grateful for the background coverage.
  • Bring a headset, headphones, or earbuds. On the rare occasion that my Air Pods died, the background noise was very distracting. I would time my turns to speak with a quieting in the random background noise. Bring your main set and a second pair, just in case they die. I used this pair of wired noise-canceling headphones with a high-performance microphone that worked well when there was more noise than I anticipated. See price here>>>
  • Always have a backup plan. Having a Plan B has saved me on almost every day of work. I started with a plan that didn’t work out (working on my balcony) and had to be flexible (move to a quiet alcove with a desk and chairs).
  • Bring more supplies than you need. Try to have an extra computer charger, a second set of headphones, and a cell phone charger. If you want to have all your bases covered, bring a portable power bank that will charge your computer, tablet, and cell phone. You will never risk your laptop or phone dying, even if you can’t find a working spot near an electrical outlet. See price here>>>

Who Can Work From Home (WFH) at Disney World?

Anyone. But these travel trips work best for those with annual passes, allowing you to come and go from the parks without feeling that you’re not getting your money’s worth from an expensive park ticket. The annual pass will also let you get cheaper hotels and meals.

Often Disney hotels will have special discounts for annual passholders. However, renting DVC points is often a better deal. M st merchandise shops and sit-down restaurants give a 10% discount.

So what do you think- could you work from home at Disney World?

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