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Even adults get exhausted and overstimulated in the theme parks at Walt Disney World.  At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are less shaded areas than other lands.  When you throw these in with a son with autism, you get creative.  Over the years, I have found the top quiet places at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Preparing for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While I know what works best for our family, consider these tips for your child. If you don’t know the story about my incredible son, I’ve shared it on the blog. Just because they work for us does not mean that they will work for you. There are many ways to prepare.

  • Show them ride videos, discuss expectations, and prepare a social story.
  • Decompress daily in your hotel room or by the pool.
  • Bring a tablet or loved possession.

If this trip is once in a million, you can still go hard on this expensive vacation.  However, it will take preparation and having more than one adult.  In our family, we take the kiddos somewhere shaded and relaxing, while the other chooses the new reservation on the Disney Accessibility Service pass.

The Top 8 Quiet Places at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney Hollywood Studios map

First Aid Station

First, if you look just inside the park entrance gates of Hollywood Studios on Hollywood Boulevard, head towards Guest Relations.  If you stay outside, veer to the left (if you’re coming from the main gates).  If you need to get inside, the staff is friendly and helpful with minor first aid items or cots for those who need to get out of the heat.

Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Second, all of the way at the end of Sunset Boulevard is the Tower of Terror.  If you pass the ride queue, there are rod iron benches under the overhang of the roof and outside of the gift shop.  There is foliage, the air conditioning from the gift shop, and even a drink cart nearby.  The courtyard of the Tower of Terror is the perfect sensory break in the evening because brightly colored lights light up the front of the attraction.

Beauty and the Beast

On Sunset Boulevard, between Beauty and the Beast and the amphitheater is a seating area.  Our family sits here to relax.  However, if you cannot find a spot, the stage show is thirty minutes, and with headphones, the Beauty and the Beast show can be a relaxing spot to get away from the sunshine.  However, the crowds seem to gather here in between events.

Echo Lake

Echo lake is oval-shaped and full of glamorous architecture from Hollywood’s Golden Age like Gertie the Dinosaur and Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner. Echo Lake has a wide walkway surrounding it that leads to Hollywood & Vine and 50s Prime Time Cafe.  However, if you head towards the side closest to Hollywood Boulevard, there are quiet benches and a frozen drink stand to relax.

Gertie the Dinosaur at Echo Lake in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Animation Courtyard

Next, is the area outside the restrooms to the left of the Magic of Disney Animation attraction. Relax on the benches outside under a shaded overhang. Because it is an ideal spot to get out of the bright sunshine, it can get busy at high points during the day. You can always duck into Voyage of the Little Mermaid for a 17-minute air-conditioned live show- but it can be dark and loud.

Alien Spinning Saucers

Toy Story Land Woody and blocks

There are a couple of quiet areas near Alien Spinning Saucers. When you face the attraction, off to the left, there is an area at the transition point between Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land.  Off to the right, there is a quiet spot where you get off the ride. The unfortunate part is that there is not a ton of shade here. Depending on the time of day, you may get hot quickly. Bring water and hang off to the side off the path.

Grande Avenue

Entrance to muppet 3D movie: red monster with yellow nose and green Kermit to the left

If your turning plans take you near Muppet Vision 3-D or PizzeRizzo, there are a couple of areas back here for a quiet spot.  One good option is to the left of PizzeRizzo. I prefer to sit with our family around the Miss Piggy fountain outside of the theater.  However, now that Galaxy’s Edge is this way, it is no longer as “off the beaten path” as it used to be.  When all else fails- duck into Muppet Vision 3D to sit in some AC.

Metal muppets miss piggy holding a torch and dressed as Statue of Liberty Water fountain outside muppet 3d

Commissary Lane

Finally, outside of the ABC Commissary can sometimes grant a reprieve from the crowds.  However, Commissary Lane has been busier in recent years as folks past by to get to Galaxy’s Edge. Also, the new menu is way better than it used to be- so check out that food!

What are your favorite quiet spaces Disney’s Hollywood Studios?  If you’re looking for quiet places in the other parks, check out:

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