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The Rainforest Cafe in Niagara Falls, New York, features an American menu, a mushroom-shaped bar, animatronic animals, and jungle sounds. This Rainforest-themed eatery in the Sheraton Hotel in Niagara Falls, USA, is similar to the restaurant franchises elsewhere (except slightly smaller).

However, this time, we did Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls for cheap! While this food is generally lackluster and overpriced, this article will cover how to maximize your experience and get it for cheap.

Address: 300 3rd St, Niagara Falls, NY 14303 (Entrance through Sheraton hotel lobby or street)

Hours: Check the Rainforest Cafe website for updated hours, as they are seasonal. We did an entire article about the best possible experiences for the winter in Niagara Falls, New York. Be aware that the restaurant was closed 20 minutes before its posted closing time on our last visit.

  • Monday 12-8 PM
  • Tues to Thurs 4-9 PM
  • Friday 4-10 PM
  • Saturday 12-10 PM
  • Sunday 12-9 PM

How Much Does the Rainforest Cafe cost?

If you’re wondering how much the Rainforest Cafe costs in Niagara Falls, New York, the price ranges tremendously. Children’s meals are $10.99 apiece with a 99-cent drink. Adult meals range from $19.99 to $34.99, appetizers range from $11.99 to $24.99, and cocktails are approximately $15 with a souvenir glass.

Can you do the Rainforest Cafe for a discount?

When the stars align, you can pay much less to visit the Rainforest Cafe. You have options if you’re looking to do the Rainforest Cafe for cheap.

Groupon often has incredible Rainforest Cafe deals where we purchase an $80 gift card for $54, plus you can apply other Groupon promo codes to the same deal. We paid approximately $40 for $80 worth of food and alcohol!

If you are a Landry’s Select Club member, you can get 10% off dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. However, you need to have the physical card per our server.

Unfortunately, you cannot use Landry’s gift certificate (MyPoints or Swagbucks) at the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls, NY, because it is not part of the franchise.

What animals are in the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls, USA?

There are so many different animals that we had fun walking around and visiting them all. There is a family of tigers: two adults with two little cubs.

My kids loved the mama and baby elephant. We were excited to sit near them. During the rainstorm, they wiggle their ears, shake their heads, and blink their eyes.

There was also a python snake hanging from a tree. We enjoyed the photo op with the monkeys hanging from the ceiling. The fish tank featured a bunch of brightly colored tropical fish. Last but not least, you can listen to a monologue by Tracy Tree in the restaurant lobby.

What to Expect at the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls

The Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls prices are pretty steep for the low-quality food. You’re paying for the experience of the thunderstorm and the animatronic animals. Although the aquarium is pretty cool, too! Every thirty minutes, there is a thunderstorm that occurs. The animals react, and the ‘sky’ features shooting stars. It’s pretty fun!

The Rainforest Cafe drinks are pricey because you get a souvenir glass to take home. I ordered a margarita, and it tasted like chemicals. The server said the drink would be cheaper if I declined the glass. Luckily, the Rainforest Cafe has a wine menu, and the next night that we visited, I ordered a bottle of wine.

When it comes to desserts at the Rainforest Cafe, if you are celebrating a special occasion, the sparkling volcano brownie and ice cream are the most popular items. However, it’s nearly $20! Luckily, it was enough for our family of 6!

Can you make dining reservations at the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls?

No, you cannot make Rainforest Cafe reservations. ‘At the Falls’ arcade is next door, so I suspect you’re supposed to spend money while you wait. They told us it would be 35 minutes, but it was much longer.

Is an Arcade in the Rainforest Cafe Niagara?

In the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls, NY, there is a family-friendly video arcade next door. Unfortunately, no human works in the arcade, and you cash out with very cheap toys from a machine. If you have any tech problems, the cashier at Rainforest Cafe Niagara was helpful. We played only because I got a $50 Groupon for the arcade for $15.20. The front desk at the Sheraton (where we stayed) also gave each of my children a $5 card.

What are the hours at the Rainforest Cafe Niagara?

The Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls hours appear more of a suggestion than a hard and fast line. The evening we first attempted to visit, the posted hours were open til 10 pm, but when we came in at 9:40 PM, they said they were closed. Restaurant hours are often seasonal, so please check the Rainforest Cafe website for updated hours.

  • Monday 12-8 PM
  • Tues to Thurs 4-9 PM
  • Friday 4-10 PM
  • Saturday 12-10 PM
  • Sunday 12-9 PM

Is there parking at the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls?

The Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls is in the Sheraton hotel, across from the casino. Unfortunately, parking is a $20 nightly fee at the open lot behind the building. However, we could park there and walk to local area attractions. We’ve also visited the Rainforest Cafe when we stayed in other local downtown hotels, and the location is very walkable.

Does the Rainforest Cafe have a bar?

Yes, the rainforest cafe in Niagara Falls, USA has a mushroom-shaped bar. The space is relaxing and incredibly innovative, but their alcohol menu is lacking.

Rainforest Cafe Menu in Niagara Falls NY

Here is the most recent copy of the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls, NY, menu as of publication. Please check the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls website for an updated menu with prices.


  • Cheese sticks $11.99
  • Chicken Quesadillas $12.99
  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip $13.49
  • Hand-breaded chicken tenders $14.99
  • Awesome Appetizer Adventure $24.99 (Chimi-cha-chas, spinach & artichoke dip, cheese sticks, chicken tenders. Served with fresh guacamole, tortilla chips, marinara sauce, and coconut curry sauce.) Add St. Louis style pork spare ribs $6.99


  • House salad $13.99 Add chicken $18.99
  • Big Islander Chicken Caesar Salad $19.99 Substitute shrimp $20.99
  • China Island Chicken Salad $19.99 (Grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, sesame seeds, wonton strips, carrots, rice noodles, scallions, china island dressing)
  • Tropical Island Chicken Salad $21.99 (Mangos, strawberries, grapes, roasted pumpkin seeds, honey-lime vinaigrette.) Substitute grilled shrimp $23.99


  • Fish N’ Chips $20.99 (English style with Safari fries.)
  • Fried Shrimp $24.99 (Served with Safari fries.)
  • Caribbean Coconut Shrimp $23.99 (Served with mango sauce, coleslaw, and choice of side.)
  • Honey Sriracha Salmon $27.99 (Sweet honey sriracha glaze, steamed rice, green bean stirfry, and cilantro.)

Sandwiches & Burgers

If you request a gluten-free meal, they may have a gluten-free bun and sides available. Ask for a manager.

  • Rainforest Burger $17.99 (Lettuce, tomato, pickle, cheese- topped with a fried onion ring.) Add bacon or sauteed mushrooms $2.
  • Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich $18.99 (Lemon grilled chicken, bacon, swiss cheese, roasted red peppers, lettuce, zesty safari sauce, asiago bun.)
  • Philly Cheesesteak $17.99
  • Portobello Wrap $15.99 (Tomato basil wrap, spinach, red onions, roasted rep peppers, grilled portobello mushroom, roasted garlic balsamic dressing.)
  • Rainforest Natural Burger $17.99 (Meatless patty of garbanzo beans, vegetables, sesame seeds, spices, guacamole, lettuce, and tomato.)
  • BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger $18.99 (Smokin’ mojo bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle, topped with a fried onion ring.)

Beef, Pork, & Chicken

  • Amazon Feast $29.99 (A combination of rotisserie chicken and slow-roasted St. Louis style pork spare ribs basted with our smokin’ mojo bbq sauce.)
  • Mojo Bones $29.99 (St. Louis pork spare ribs, smokin’ mojo bbq sauce, served with fries.)
  • Rotisserie Chicken $25.99 (Half of a slow-roasted chicken served with red-skinned mashed potatoes and your choice of side.)
  • Jungle Steak and Shrimp $31.99 (Flat iron steak, shrimp scampi, Caribbean coconut shrimp, and choice of side.)
  • Ribs, Steak, Shrimp Trio $33.99 (Caribbean coconut shrimp, mojo bone ribs, flat iron steak, coleslaw, and safari fries.)
  • Primal Steak $34.99 (12-ounce strip steak, red-skinned mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables.)


  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Safari Fries (French fries can be made gluten-free in a dedicated fryer.)
  • Red-skinned mashed potatoes
  • Onion Rings Add $2.99


If you request special accommodations, they may be able to substitute gluten-friendly pasta for dishes.

  • Rasta Pasta $26.99 (Sauteed chicken, penne pasta, walnut pesto, broccoli, red peppers, spinach, garlic alfredo sauce)
  • Pastalaya $26.99 (Shrimp, sauteed chicken, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and andouille sausage, hot & spicy cajun sauce, linguini)
  • Anaconda Pasta $22.99 (Quinoa pasta, local garden vegetables, basil, shaved parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, white wine tomato sauce) Add shrimp or chicken for $5

Kids Menu at Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls USA

Each kids meal is $10.99 and comes with a choice of side, including Safari fries, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, or applesauce. When we purchased children’s drinks, they were 99 cents each and included soda, milk, chocolate milk, or apple juice.

  • Rainforest Rascals: 2 chargrilled mini sliders
  • Jurassic Chicken Tidbits: Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets
  • Castaway Kids Pizza: Cheese or Pepperoni
  • Grilled Cheese: American cheese on Texas toast
  • Macaroni and cheese: pasta with cheese sauce
  • Python Pasta: Choice of alfredo, butter, or marinara
  • Hot Dog
  • Grilled Chicken

Is there a Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls USA Gluten-Free Menu?

There is no gluten-free menu, but they may be able to alter some menu items to provide you with GF options. For example, they often have a gluten-free bun to swap for burgers and sandwiches. There is gluten-free pasta that can be used for pasta dishes. Finally, some sides can be made gluten-free, including french fries that can be placed in a dedicated fryer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the manager and make sure that this has not changed!

Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls Reviews: Final Thoughts

The Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls, New York, is a tourist trap, but we had fun the two times we visited! If you’re in the area with picky kids and looking for a spot that will entertain them after a busy day, you can’t beat a visit to the rainforest restaurant in Niagara Falls. This is an excellent choice for those looking for a Niagara Falls, New York, restaurant with familiar food for children. However, this is not for you if you prefer to enjoy local fare (like Buffalo wings and beef on weck) or unique dining options.

Do not confuse this restaurant with the Rainforest Cafe in Niagara Falls, Canada, as the one in Ontario is different and larger. You can enter through a volcano!

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